Kieferfreund Abo Gold

£159,00 / year

Kieferfreund 2023 is web based and works on any browser on smartphone, tablet and desktop. You can start immediately after ordering Kieferfreund. You will get a welcome message together with the app link, the user id and the password.

Kieferfreund Gold includes:

  • The Kieferfreund App with a comprehensive natural training program for learning the right tongue posture and relaxing jaw, mouth and lips. Easy to follow video tutorials for the digital training plan are included. The app provides measuring of your personal progress, which many customers find very useful.
  • The Kieferfreund Roller for relaxing fascia in the jaw area and keeping them healthy (will arrive by mail).
  • The Kieferfreund Trainer for learning to adopt and for testing the right oral posture (will arrive by mail).
  • Priority support, including onboarding call option & dedicated Kieferfreund Team member to support you.
  • Receive best practices booklets/guides to your inbox as they become available featuring: tongue resting position success tips, mindfulness, self-awareness building and more! – exclusive for Kieferfreund Gold customers.
  • 2 x Jaw health workshops for free (90 min sessions by our Founder Julia & Team – covering jaw/mindfulness related best practices to strengthen a sustainable solution)
  • Opportunities to be closely connected with the Kieferfreund Team to tap into our unique and highly sought-after expert knowledge of treating jaw issues holistically.
  • Opportunities to connect with other Kieferfreund users.

If you need help, the Kieferfreund team is available via email.

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Our unique Kieferfreund method, based on the internationally-recognised Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Mindfulness principles, has been developed and tested through close collaboration with dentists and medical professionals over a period of several years.

The goal is to get a relaxed and balanced jaw area in order to tackle teeth grinding, teeth clenching and TMJ disorders.

The Kieferfreund App is your buddy accompanying you through the entire training program – from the beginning to your success. In addition to the Kieferfreund app, you will be supported by the Kieferfreund Roller and the Kieferfreund Trainer. With the Kieferfreund Roller, fascia in the jaw area can be relaxed and kept healthy. The effect can usually be felt within a few days. The Kieferfreund Roller is the optimal preparation of the fascia for training with the Kieferfreund app. When the fascia are warmed up, you will be able to optimize training results. Worldwide, the Kieferfreund Trainer presents the only tool that was specifically developed to allow for learning and testing of the correct tongue resting position which is essential for tackling jaw related disorders. You will be able to learn about the healthy tongue resting position via bio-feedback by using the tactile points on the trainer.

Kieferfreund Gold is our flagship product with cutting edge technology along with our premium services.  Taking self-responsibility is a foundational element of the Kieferfreund method, but that does not mean you need to walk the journey alone. This is the package for you, if you think you could benefit from being more connected during the training process. You are entitled to join our on-boarding calls that are exclusive for Gold customers. Here you can ask initial questions, anything tech related or simply introduce yourself and get to know us!

While getting your jaw back into balance, as a Kieferfreund Gold customer you can enjoy individual priority support, exclusive access to best practices jaw health booklets, workshops, live meditations and open office sessions with Julia and Felix.

Summary of your benefits

  • User-friendly App, can be used anytime/anywhere, according to one’s own schedule
  • Rapid success in relaxing the jaw, especially with the Kieferfreund Roller.
  • Comprehensive solution with the Kieferfreund trainer and the mental audio training.
  • We will guide you to success with the app’s digital training plan, video instructions and progress monitoring.
  • On-boarding call you can join at any point of the training (optional).
  • Kieferfreund is effective with and without dental splints.
  • Throughout the program, the Kieferfreund Team is more than happy to answer all of your questions.
  • Be connect with us and benefit from over a decade of experience in treating jaw issues holistically.
  • Be connected with other Kieferfreund users in workshops and live sessions.

Invest 30 minutes a day in your jaw health and experience success within a few weeks.

Important notes

  • Kieferfreund 2023 is web based and works on any browser on smartphone, tablet and desktop.
  • Suitable for adults, adolescents from the age of 13.
  • Of course you can also add an online consultation to your order at any time.