Kieferfreund Gold


Kieferfreund 2023 is web based and works on any browser on smartphone, tablet and desktop. You can start immediately after ordering Kieferfreund. You will get a welcome message together with the app link, the user id and the password.

Kieferfreund Gold includes:

  • The Kieferfreund App with a comprehensive natural training program for learning the right tongue posture and relaxing jaw, mouth and lips. Easy to follow video tutorials for the digital training plan are included. The app provides measuring of your personal progress, which many customers find very useful.
  • The Kieferfreund Roller for relaxing fascia in the jaw area and keeping them healthy (will arrive by mail).
  • The Kieferfreund Trainer for learning to adopt and for testing the right oral posture (will arrive by mail).
  • Priority support, including onboarding call option & dedicated Kieferfreund Team member to support you.
  • Receive best practices booklets/guides to your inbox as they become available featuring: tongue resting position success tips, mindfulness, self-awareness building and more! – exclusive for Kieferfreund Gold customers.
  • 6-weeks “Jaw Yoga LIVE” included! Weekly sessions with Julia including new Jaw Yoga exercises, professional advice, body movement and Q&A/Open Office.
  • Opportunities to be closely connected with the Kieferfreund Team to tap into our unique and highly sought-after expert knowledge of treating jaw issues holistically.
  • Opportunities to connect with other Kieferfreund users.

Basically, our customers achieve significant improvements and success within the first 3-4 weeks. If necessary, you have the option of repeating the Kieferfreund training program as often as you like or taking a break. The Kieferfreund app license, valid for 12 months, supports you in this.

If you need help, the Kieferfreund team is available via email.

If you have a coupon code, please redeem it during checkout.

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