Kieferfreund Subscription K24

This subscription offers a free license until Aug 31, 2024, ONLY EXISTING KIEFERFREUND CUSTOMERS are eligible to participate. After the free license period the subscription is automatically renewed, you can cancel it at any time.

Kieferfreund 2023 is web-based and works in any browser. On a smartphone, tablet and laptop/desktop (on multiple devices too!). You can get started instantly after ordering Kieferfreund. You will receive a welcome message by email together with the app link, user ID and password.

The Kieferfreund app includes:

  • Daily jaw yoga training program for tongue, lips and jaw – (available immediately).
  • Specially designed exercises for people who grind/clench their teeth or suffer from TMD.
  • Over 60 exercises with video instructions and detailed descriptions.
  • Mindfulness audio training and jaw meditations to rebalance the jaw system and calm everyday stress with ease.
  • Personal progress tracking is also supported with the Kieferfreund app. You can look forward to the new symptom checker!
  • Tips and background knowledge from Julia’s successful myofunctional therapy practice.
  • Individual email support throughout the program.
  • Invitation to participate in our Open-Office sessions for free – for all questions around the training and the jaw.

Kieferfreund works quickly and is easy to use! If you need help, the Kieferfreund team is available via email.

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Jaw Yoga is based on highly effective Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) and Mindfulness principles. Over several years, we developed and tested our exercises on a scientific basis in cooperation with doctors and therapists (and of course with feedback from our customers!).

The Kieferfreund App is your reliable companion to help you implement the 21-day Jaw Yoga Training Program – from the beginning until you achieve the results you desire.

Your advantages of the Kieferfreund App at a glance:

  • Easy to use via the simple app platform. No technical know-how required.
  • Flexible. Train when you would like to. Wherever you are.
  • Scientifically based training program using myofunctional therapy. The correct tongue rest position plays a central role in this. We have successfully guided people on this front for over a decade!
  • Results that last. We aim to provide a permanent solution through the use of effective jaw meditations and a specially designed Mindfulness audio training.
  • Transparent process: with a digital training plan, video instructions and progress monitoring.
  • Kieferfreund is effective with and without dental splints (night-guards).
  • Support when you need it: Individual email support throughout the program. Frequent workshops and open office sessions you can attend as well (workshops purchased in our shop or free as part of our GOLD package).

Invest just 30 minutes a day in your health and experience success within weeks.


  • Kieferfreund 2023 is web-based and works on any browser. On your smartphone, tablet and desktop. You can get started immediately after ordering Kieferfreund. You will receive a welcome message along with the app link, user ID and password.
  • Suitable for adults and young people aged 13 and over. (A children’s version is available, enquiries:
  • Of course, you can always add an online consultation with Kieferfreund Founder Julia Reindl if you need personal support during the training.