The Kieferfreund App is guiding you through the entire training program

Digital guidance and support

The Kieferfreund app enables you to undertake the training program, without the need for help by professionals. By investing just 30 minutes a day, you will start to experience a new sense of well-being and an improved quality of life.

We have created guided videos, animations and checklists that are rich in medical and therapeutic knowledge. Using the app will allow you to carry out the training program whenever and wherever it suits you. You simply train by yourself and then complete the in-app progress tracker. This flexibility and ease of use should allow for an easy integration of the app into your daily life.

How to use the Kieferfreund app?

How our customer Lucie is using the app?

A look inside the app

Kieferfreund - KnowHow

Kieferfreund-KnowHow equipts you with important background information, which enable a successful completion of the training.

Kieferfreund - Training

When using Kieferfreund you experience a compact training programme, which can be used either on your smartphone or tablet.


When having the Kieferfreund app installed on your phone or tablet (most people use these devices multiple times a day for work and/or leisure), you will be reminded to carry out your daily exercises. The training plan includes scientifically grounded, tried-and-tested exercises with video instructions and the Mindfulness audio training.

Kieferfreund - Tracker

The app allows you to record and track your progress made throughout the training. How boring would life be if you never received any rewards for doing well at something? We think it would be incredibly boring! That is why we have developed our ‘KieferStar’ award system for you – the Activity-Tracker.

It is very simple – You receive half a star for every day you complete training successfully. In other words, the more you train the more you gain. You can see your star rating increasing under your profile icon (the top left tab). Get started with the app today and start collecting KieferStars to build up your Kieferfreund profile!

The Recovery Tracker will show you how your symptoms have improved since the beginning of the Kieferfreund training.

To track the progress of learing the proper tongue resting position, our Tongue-Tracker will guide you through the training.