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Kieferfreund Founder Julia Burits: Here is why I created the Kieferfreund app & tools to tackle jaw pain & jaw dysfunctions – naturally!  >Click here< to read my full story of how I overcame jaw issues. 

I knew I had found something incredibly special!

Kieferfreund you are awesome beyond words. The training is fantastic, and the jaw roller is absolutely brilliant.

I have suffered excruciating pain, cracking, and immobility in my jaw for over 30 years. Splints have never worked for me; great for realigning top and bottom teeth, but a cause of great agony as soon as you stop wearing it, so never a permanent solution.

From Day 1 with the training app I knew I had found something incredibly special. I was very nervous doing the exercises as I could barely open my mouth, and had never been able to move my jaw more than a couple of mm left to right. Now I can, and I can play my beloved saxophone pain free. It’s just incredible. I’m totally shocked.

I love you guys, thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Amanda Hunt

United Kingdom

The Challenge!

😞 Maybe you’ve tried a lot to tackle your jaw related problem, but nothing has really worked.

💵 Maybe you’ve only treated symptoms with e.g. pain kills or expensive dental splints.

🦷 Maybe you’re worried about the damage you are doing to your teeth and health.

😔 Maybe you’re tired of headaches or earaches.

🛑 And maybe you’re just fed up with the tension in your jaw which stop you from living life the way you’d like to.

The Solution!

🌿 Kieferfreund is a natural solution for tackling jaw tension, teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

📱 We developed the Kieferfreund App along with supportive training tools.

✨Kieferfreund is designed to correct improper functioning of the tongue and facial muscles that affect jaw pain, teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

⚡ Kieferfreund requires your daily active attention for 20-30 minutes.

🏡 Everything can be carried out from home, avoiding a several month waiting  period for the dentist.

💪 Our solution is for people who experience jaw pain/tension, teeth grinding/clenching and TMJ and want to take self-responsibility to do something about it.

🙋We are here to assist you along your journey back to a balanced jaw! All our products include free email support from our team of experts.

 Limited time offer: 10% off in our shop with code: DEEHEAQ41

A taste of what we offer: Founder Julia Burits on the connection of headaches and jaw tension

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We regularly hold open office sessions to support our customers and give people who are interested in Kieferfreund a look behind the scenes. In the sessions, our community has the chance to ask questions about using the Kieferfreund app and anything related to grinding, clenching and overall jaw health!

You can ask questions in the chat, no audio or video is needed in the consultation.

We look forward to seeing you there and to supporting you on the path to a balanced and healthy jaw.

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Julia Burits, M.A.

(SLP & Kieferfreund Founder)


“Kieferfreund is right for you if you are looking to tackle the symptoms but also the root causes of your jaw-related problem with an holistic, sustainable and natural method”


The Kieferfreund exercise programme has completely convinced me!

As the exercises do not take up much time, they were perfect for my everyday life. I managed to do the training every evening.

After 3 weeks, I already had first successes and the tensions became noticeably less!

I regularly listened to the mental training in the evening to fall asleep. It relaxed me and took away my fear of waking up in the morning with a lockjaw.

The fascia roller had the greatest effect!

This small, handy roller worked wonders for relieving my jaw tensions! I use it once a day, usually in the evening before going to bed. With slow rolling movements, I massaged my muscles, just like Julia showed me.

In the beginning, the roller literally “jerked” over the cheek muscle; there were small hardenings, real “knots” to feel, which I had not noticed before!

Day after day, the adhesions decreased, the tissue softened and the roller could be moved “more fluidly” over the areas.

The self-massages I had been doing with the roller soon showed their effect – my tensions have now almost completely disappeared!

Even the cracking in the jaw joint is gone most of the time!

As soon as I feel that my tensions are getting worse, I take the roller and massage these spots.

…And another great benefit: the fascia roller makes the skin on my face softer, smoother and rosy!

The fascia roller has completely convinced me. I can’t see myself without it!

It has found its permanent place in my bathroom so that I can use it again and again.

The Kieferfreund app has also become my constant companion. These days I only do the exercises as and when I feel I need them. The mental training still lets me fall into a relaxed sleep almost every day.

Manuela W.

Make the most of our offer ending soon: 10% off in our shop with code: DEEHEAQ41      With Love, The Kieferfreund Team