Relaxed Jaw –

Bruxism Therapy with Success!

Kieferfreund provides natural retraining and re-education based on Orofacial Myofunctional Science and Mindfulness principles. Our method permanently restores the balance of the craniomandibular orofacial system, especially the tongue and jaw function. We use practical digital tools to achieve permanent results and teach you how to prevent post-training relapses. Importantly, the digitization of the therapy allows our users to transparently track the progress made during the training.

For years, I have experienced the negative effects of clenching my teeth at night and having to wear splints. Since the beginning of January 2018, I have been practicing the Kieferfreund exercises every day. I already felt an improvement after 7 days, and the improvements have endured. I now feel less pain and fewer tensions.


What is Kieferfreund?

  • Kieferfreund tackles the root-cause for teeth grinding, jaw tensions and jaw pain.
  • Kieferfreund is a scientific based product with proven concepts in speech therapy, orthodontics and mental therapy.
  • Kieferfreund consists of an app-supported training program that requires your active participation. A special, patented jaw/tongue trainer helps you to relax the jaw.
  • Kieferfreund is following a holistic approach, as causes of jaw disorders can affect the entire body. Therefore, techniques for physical and mental relaxation, such as yoga are integrated.

Kieferfreund and the Jaw Yoga technique

  • Kieferfreund is guided by the natural function of the orofacial system and supports the learning of a healthy rest of tongue and jaw. The underlying scientific foundation for this is “Orofacial Myofunctional Science”.
  • Kieferfreund uses the Jaw Yoga technique, which builds on a holistic approach. Jaw Yoga works on the physical and mental levels.
  • Kieferfreund combines techniques from orofacial muscle function therapy, mindfulness therapy and yoga therapy.
  • The goal is to permanently create a relaxed mouth / jaw system and to eliminate muscle-related pain.
  • Jaw Yoga technique by Kieferfreund is available as a training program with the Kieferfreund app.
  • In addition, Kieferfreund Online offers first-hand tips such as exercises, user experience reports and expert presentations/ discussions.

Kieferfreund is perfect for you if…

  • You frequently press your teeth/tongue or grind your teeth at night (Kieferfreund can also support dental splints).
  • You suffer from tensions or pain in the jaw and you want to do something yourself to tackle these symptoms and discomfort.
  • You want to become more agile and want to have more mental clarity.
  • You often tense up when facing daily problems/emotions and at times, you feel ‘stuck’ in everyday life.

I’ve known Kieferfreund since November 2017. That’s a good 3 months now. I can say that even in this short time period, I am doing better than all those years with a night guard/retainer.


Why do our customers choose Kieferfreund?

Kieferfreund addresses the causes of teeth grinding and muscle-related jaw pain. Dental and bite splints and painkillers only fight the symptoms.

Kieferfreund is easy to use. The Kieferfreund app guides you reliably through the daily training program.

Kieferfreund shows quick successes. Most of our clients report improvements in jaw pain, teeth grinding, and sleep disorders in just two to three weeks.

The costs for Kieferfreund are lower than the ongoing renewal of bite splints and the cost of buying analgetics. The costs of prosthesis and dentures due to teeth grinding and teeth pressing are considerable.

Our customers appreciate that they can take on self-responsibility for their own well-being.

Kieferfreund uses digital technologies to provide our users the best possible support and transparency. Through the app you can see at a glance what progress has already been made and also what further steps are necessary.

It often only takes 10 minutes of your time. When you start to notice some improvements, this give you a motivating push. After 2 weeks I noticed that my jaw was relaxed almost all the time and my tongue was where it should be. I also think it is great that I can always get support when I need it.

Karin Dräger

It’s actually the resting position of the tongue that does the most damage!

The Kieferfreund training program has greatly improved my jaw pain by learning the correct tongue resting position. In addition to the reduction of jaw pain, the right tongue rest has made other positive effects, especially a better (nasal) breathing and muscular stabilization and harmonization throughout the face and jaw area.


Which exercises does Kieferfreund exist of?

Using the Jaw Yoga technique by Kieferfreund leads you to a relaxed jaw. With a training programme for jaw relaxation, mental relaxation and physical relaxation, you will find the perfect balance between body, mind and jaw:

  • Jaw exercises and tongue training to relax the mouth and jaw area.
  • Mindfulness training for mental balance, stress reduction and a clear head.
  • The cause of jaw disorders can affect the whole body. Exercises from the yoga therapy and stretching exercises are incorporated as well.

How to use Kieferfreund?

To start with Kieferfreund is easy: Download the app in the Apple Store or Android PlayStore, enter the activation code and start the training program! You can begin with Kieferfreund right after your order.

You will receive by mail, the logopedic Jaw Trainer for learning the right tongue rest and jaw balance.

The app guides you through the daily trainings with the help of instructions and video tutorials. The app also provides you at a glance what progress has already been made and also what further steps are necessary.

If you need help, the Kieferfreund team is available via email. If required, a personal online consultation can be booked.