Workshop EN: Effectively tackle jaw stress in daily life (Focus: Physical Causes + Fixes)

27. January 2023

Facilitators: Julia Burits (Kieferfreund Founder) & Felix Neubauer 

Do you want to know how you can fully invite a relaxed jaw into your daily life?

We’ve worked with people on jaw issues for over a decade. The main struggle people have is that they can’t fully achieve jaw relaxation in everyday life. The jaw exercises usually work great, but translating that into busy everyday life… now, that’s a different story. That's where this workshop comes in to support you at a deeper level.

⭐ In this workshop, you will have the chance to join us live to uncover the key physical causes and fixes of jaw stress. You will be able tap into precious knowledge and real-world experiences gained from working with the jaw and people holistically for over a decade.⭐ All your questions are welcome!

☀️ If you grind, clench, have jaw pain and would like to get better at dealing with (jaw) stress – this is the workshop for you. ☀

🎓 You will get the theory and background information about the jaw that you need. This unique information has been fine-tuned by holding countless courses, workshops and working directly with people interested in treating jaw issues holistically.🎓

🤩 Discover effective jaw exercises from Julia's private practice that you won’t find in the Kieferfreund app 🤩

💥 Importantly, you will learn practical steps to directly implement what you discover into your life.💥

💜 This workshop is not a lecture – it’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your jaw.💜

This workshop is part of a series of diving deeper into the physical and emotional causes of jaw stress. We have seen these sessions to be a key element for many who get best results with our method. This workshop focuses on the physical causes. The next one will focus on the emotional causes.

Although we will cover some essential theoretical elements, this workshop is an invitation for activate engagement with yourself, the facilitators and other participants – all in a safe judgement-free space. We have seen that this approach achieves best results, allows for creating connection and encourages meaningful changes in your life… and best of all: it’s lots of fun for everyone involved!

That’s how learning should be.

Head. Heart. Action.

Are you ready to dive deeper, start re-storing your jaw and open a new chapter?


We look forward to seeing you there!   (Date/Time: 27th January at 5:00-6:30pm UK time - 12pm New York time). Note: Recording will only be for participants to watch after.

Julia & Felix

'Every pain gives a lesson and every lesson changes a person (if they are willing to listen)' – Anonymous


About the course facilitators:

Julia Burits 

Julia is the Founder of the popular holistic jaw app ‘Kieferfreund’. She is also a Speech and Language Pathologist with a highly sought-out private practice to tackle jaw issues. What else? Lecturer, Mind Trainer, Author, Speaker and Mother to a beautiful 3 year-old daughter.


Felix Neubauer

Felix is the product manager of Kieferfreund – always in close contact with our customers.

An award winning mindfulness mediation facilitator and teacher – having been joined by over 100.000 people to meditate with him.  Felix has specialised himself in jaw meditations – knowing what really helps people to relax their jaw with simple meditation techniques. What else? Author, Jaw Yoga instructor, musician and nature lover.


About Jaw Stress


Jaw stress can be understood as dysfunctions manifesting in the jaw that are in response to stress in our body & environment!

If you experience tension and pain in the jaw – you are not alone! More and more people suffer from jaw stress. In fact, it is actually a normal response to our often ab-normal way of stressful modern living. The great news is that in most cases, you can reverse it fairly easily and in natural ways.

We believe that every person has a sensitive area of the body that reacts particularly quickly to imbalances, especially stress. We would not call this area "weak", but quite the opposite, particularly valuable…. because physical symptoms show us quickly and efficiently that we are moving in the wrong direction… often that can be in the way we think about or respond to our environment.

Your sensitive area may be the jaw. If so - you are not alone… as jaw stress is experienced by more and more people around the world. Struggling with jaw stress for much of her life, Julia Burits, the Founder of Kieferfreund - a Speech and language pathologist by trade - has been driven to share the ground breaking insights she discovered by drawing from a wide range of fields by working closely with dentists, therapists and yoga teachers alike. In this workshop you will learn how to apply these insight in your own life. To make jaw-stress a thing of the past and invite ever-growing relaxation into your life.

See you there - Julia & Felix

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Learn how to effectively tackle jaw stress in daily life! - click read more for info.
Friday, 27th January, 17:00-18:30 UK time (12 pm New York!)

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