Relieve jaw pain and TMJ pain with the Kieferfreund app, the fascia roller and the tongue trainer!

The Jaw is a Sensitive Stress Sensor!

20% of all people suffer from jaw pain, teeth grinding, teeth clenching and TMJ.

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What is so special about Kieferfreund?

The uniqueness of Kieferfreund is learning the correct tongue posture and the natural relaxation of the jaw. They play a crucial role in solving tension-related jaw pain, teeth grinding and TMJ pain.

Kieferfreund is based on scientific approaches, principles and methods from dental science, speech therapy, mental therapy and yoga. We use modern technologies, such as App and Online Support, to provide optimal support to our customers.

The Kieferfreund App is your buddy accompanying you through the entire training program – from the beginning to your success. In addition to the Kieferfreund app, you will be supported by the Kieferfreund Roller for fascial jaw trainings and the Kieferfreund Trainer for learning the correct tongue posture.

Kieferfreund recovers the physical balance of your jaw and keeps your jaw healthy. At the same time listen within and find your balance mentally and emotionally. Kieferfreund is offering weekly “Live Meditations for a sustainable health jaw”. By far – we have seen this combination yield the best results for people!

A natural and holistic approach

Many people have a sensitive area of the body that reacts particularly quickly to imbalances, especially stress. We would not call this area “weak”, but quite the opposite, particularly valuable, because physical symptoms show us quickly and efficiently that we are moving in the wrong direction. Often that can be in the way we think about or respond to our environment.

Your sensitive area may be the jaw. You are not alone as jaw stress is experienced by more and more people around the world. We want to reach people like you who are tired of the old ways of approaching jaw health and who are ready for something fresh, new, holistic and sustainable.

It works!

I had severe problems with grinding and snoring and was looking for help for a long time. Then I came across Kieferfreund, which sounded very appealing to me because I read that results can be achieved in a short period of time, simply by learning the correct tongue resting position and relaxing the jaw.

I must admit, I was sceptical at first – it sounded too good to be true. Especially, how can I control my tongue when I sleep. Having nothing to lose, I gave it a go.

After 2 weeks, the pain caused by grinding decreased significantly. The little blue wristband that comes in the box was the perfect helper to remind me of where my tongue should be. After experiencing success, I felt encouraged to continue the training.

One morning, about 3 weeks into the training, I woke up with my tongue in the correct position. I was relieved and excited! It really worked! Due to learning the correct tongue resting position, I realised I was even able to tackle my snoring problem.

I’m very pleased with the results. I’m not easily convinced, but this time I have to give 5 stars! Thanks a lot to the Kieferfreund team.

Tina, UK

What’s new? The Kieferfreund Roller!


The Kieferfreund Roller! A brand new addition to our range! Quickly tackling jaw pain by relaxing the fascia!

With the Kieferfreund Roller, fascia in the jaw area can be relaxed and kept healthy. Painful fascia that have stuck together, can simply be relieved by rolling.

At anytime and anywhere. The roller can play an important part in relaxing the jaw and relieving jaw pain. For many of our users, muscles and fascia have been tensed up for years, often as a result of imbalances and an incorrect tongue resting position.

These can often only be loosened under exertion/pressure. This is where the Kieferfreund Roller comes in. The effect of the ‘treatment’ can be felt within a few days.

The Kieferfreund Roller is the optimal preparation of the fascia for training with the Kieferfreund App. The fascia are then nicely warmed up, which optimises the result of the training.

In or after stressful situations, the Kieferfreund Roller can be your best friend – quickly releasing stress and relaxing the jaw. Rolling instead of grinding or clenching!

Customer Lucie

About jaw problems and solutions

Customer Catherine

I searched for alternative approaches

Customer Deborah

Kieferfreund works quickly

Did you know that…?

… an incorrect tongue resting position can lead to tensions in the jaw?

… the jaw is a stress sensor and reacts to emotions?

… Kieferfreund and Jaw Yoga make you look younger and healthier?

… the jaw is connected to the whole body?

… every 4th Person suffers from jaw stress?

Our clients achieved unique successes with Kieferfreund for an average of 21 days and with only 30 minutes training every day:

Jaw Pain


of our users report a significant improvement of extreme tension in the jaw or report being symptom-free after completing the Kieferfreund training.

Teeth grinding


of our users who severely grind their teeth report a significant improvement in symptoms or report being symptom-free after completing the Kieferfreund training.



of our users who snore noticed a significant improvement in their snoring or according to their bed partner they were no longer snoring after completing the Jaw Yoga training.

Jaw tensions can have various manifestations

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

I grind and/or clench my teeth.

My jaw is tense.

I experience difficulty opening my mouth.

I have frequent headaches.

I experience earaches even though my ears are in good health.

Sometimes I experience a ‘cracking’ in the joints of my jaw.

Kieferfreund Trainer

Worldwide, the ‘Kieferfreund Trainer’ presents the only tool that was specifically developed to allow for learning and testing of the correct tongue resting position.

‘Due to our modern lifestyles, more and more people are suffering from jaw tension and jaw problems. These include headaches, tinnitus (hearing sounds from inside your body), tongue pressing, neck/shoulder tensions, as well as back problems.’
Julia Reindl, M.A.

Founder & Speech and Language Pathologist

Natural tongue re-education and muscle balancing based on Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)

Mindfulness-based audio training for long-lasting results

An app with daily exercises, video instructions and monitoring of progress

Our method is based on myofunctional science and medical expertise

Kieferfreund and Jaw Yoga on Youtube: New exercises and videos every week!