The importance of tongue positioning when suffering from jaw tension and pain!

Stop grinding and clenching, start smiling!


Proper tongue posture, why does it matter?


Tackling the root-cause!

Kieferfreund is a natural solution for tackling jaw tension, teeth grinding and teeth clenching with the Kieferfreund App and Trainer.

Kieferfreund consists of a logopedic oral muscle and jaw training guided by the Kieferfreund App.

Kieferfreund is designed to correct improper functioning of the tongue and facial muscles that affect jaw pain, teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

Kieferfreund will teach you the correct tongue resting position which is key for tackling the causes for teeth grinding and jaw- related pain.

Julia Reindl (Kieferfreund Founder) and
Felix Neubauer (Kieferfreund Product Manager)

I no longer need to wear my night time splint!

After discovering I was grinding my teeth about two years ago, the dentist gave me a splint to wear at night.

Within a year I had chewed my way through it! So he gave me a ‘belt and braces’ version which just made me bite on it more and gave me a seriously painful jaw with limited movement and regular headaches in the mornings.

Of course it stopped me damaging my teeth but was irritating the situation not curing it. So I decided to do some research online and that’s when I discovered Kieferfreund.

I have been practicing this for just over a month now and I no longer need to wear my night time splint. My jaw is much freer in movement and far less painful. Still more work to do but it’s certainly in the right direction.

Although the exercises do not take long to do, if I run out of time, I just make sure I do the night time relaxation.

At first I thought I could never overcome this problem, but now I have seen so much improvement that I am not going back!

Vanessa, UK

The right tongue posture!

A look inside the app!

It works!

I had severe problems with grinding and snoring and was looking for help for a long time.

Then I came across Kieferfreund, which sounded very appealing to me because I read that results can be achieved in a short period of time, simply by learning the correct tongue resting position and relaxing the jaw.

I must admit, I was sceptical at first – it sounded too good to be true. Especially, how can I control my tongue when I sleep. Having nothing to lose, I gave it a go.

After 2 weeks, the pain caused by grinding decreased significantly. The little blue wristband that comes in the box was the perfect helper to remind me of where my tongue should be.

After experiencing success, I felt encouraged to continue the training.

One morning, about 3 weeks into the training, I woke up with my tongue in the correct position. I was relieved and excited!

It really worked! Due to learning the correct tongue resting position, I realised I was even able to tackle my snoring problem.

I’m very pleased with the results. I’m not easily convinced, but this time I have to give 5 stars! Thanks a lot to the Kieferfreund team.

Tina, UK

What is so special?

Kieferfreund is based on Myofunctional Therapy that restores the balance in the face and jaw area.

Customers like our app-guided training programme. A special relaxation program ensures sustainability.

Julia Reindl (Kieferfreund Founder) and

Felix Neubauer (Kieferfreund Product Manager)

Relieving jaw pain in a natural way!

Kieferfreund is perfect for you, if you search for alternative approaches addressing the root cause. Dental and bite splints, and painkillers only fight the symptoms.

Kieferfreund is designed to correct improper functioning of the tongue and facial muscles that affect jaw pain, teeth grinding and teeth clenching.

Kieferfreund requires your daily active attention for 20-30 minutes everything can be carried out from home.

What do you get with Kieferfreund?

The Kieferfreund App

The app accompanies you throughout the training program.

The app clearly shows you which progress has already been made and which exercises are still to be performed.

The Kieferfreund Trainer

Tool for relaxing the jaw and learning and testing your correct tongue resting position.

The Trainer is needed a few minutes a day. It is not a mouthpiece that has to be worn at night!

The Kieferfreund Mental Training

In this way, body and mind are reconciled and long term improvements in jaw tension and teeth grinding can be achieved.

What are our customers saying?

Customer Lucie

About jaw problems and solutions

Customer Catherine

I searched for alternative approaches

Customer Deborah

Kieferfreund works quickly

I am very grateful that there are people who are so concerned with this problem that there is now effective help available. No orthopaedist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or alternative practitioner has been able to help me so far (I wonder if they took my problem seriously at all). The pressure of suffering is painful, with daily tensions, headaches, back pain, everyone who’s affected will know this very well – one invests a lot of time and money into every attempt to get help.

With Kieferfreund, you notice something changing after just a few days. Immediately after the exercises, I noticed that the muscles of the jaw were “pulling”, often up to the eyes.

The exercises in the app are very easy to follow. You only have to take these 20 minutes a day for yourself and integrate the training into your everyday life. To do something good for yourself.

After a few days, you already have the first successes, which is such a motivating and happy feeling! Something is finally changing, and you get to step out of this painful cycle.

I can only recommend everyone to give it a go. Many thanks to the team at Kieferfreund.

You guys are great! Sabrina, Germany

Great product! I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it has worked wonders! In combination with the app, after a week my jaw pain was significantly reduced and after 2 weeks, no jaw pain and I stopped grinding my teeth. If you suffer from teeth grinding and jaw pain, I highly recommend Kieferfreund! Lucie, United Kingdom

The Kieferfreund Team

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Speech Pathologist & Mental Trainer

Felix Neubauer, Bsc.

Felix Neubauer, Bsc.

Product Management

Dr. Manfred Reindl

Dr. Manfred Reindl

Strategy & Technology

Evelyn Chines

Evelyn Chines

Customer Care


At the OM-YOGA Show in London, Oct 2018!

Great feedback from visitors and our customers…

Please watch what our customer Deborah was saying about her experience using Kieferfreund…

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What is so special about Kieferfreund?

  • Kieferfreund is – as our customers confirm – a sustainable solution for tackling teeth grinding, jaw pain and jaw tensions.
  • Kieferfreund not only relieves the symptoms, but fights the causes. Mouth guards protect the teeth very well, but do not provide a permanent solution against teeth grinding.
  • Kieferfreund is based on Orofacial Myology (also known as myofunctional therapy) which  is the neuromuscular re-education of the oral and facial muscles.
  • Kieferfreund will teach you the correct tongue resting position which is key for tackling the causes for teeth grinding and jaw- related pain
  • Kieferfreund supports you with a logopedic jaw and tongue trainer to help you relax the jaw and tackle teeth grinding and bruxism.
  • Kieferfreund integrates proven yoga practices for the jaw, mouth and face.
  • Kieferfreund assists you with our app-guided training programme.
  • Kieferfreund requires no technical aids, such as splints and mouth guards. Your bed partner will appreciate that!

Relieve jaw tension and pain!

  • Kieferfreund works: addressing the causes of teeth grinding, jaw tension and muscle-related jaw pain and TMJ. Dental and bite splints and painkillers only fight the symptoms.
  • Easy to use: the Kieferfreund app guides you reliably through the daily training program.
  • Quick successes: most of our clients report improvements in jaw pain, teeth grinding and bruxism, and sleep disorders in just two to three weeks.
  • Fewer costs: the costs for Kieferfreund are lower than the ongoing renewals of bite splints and the cost of buying painkillers. Further, the costs arising from prosthesis and dentures (due to teeth grinding and teeth clenching) are considerable.
When you start to notice some improvements, this gives you a motivating push. After 2 weeks I noticed that my jaw was relaxed almost all the time and my tongue was where it should be. I also think it is great that I can always get support when I need it. Recently I got an update with many new exercises. I now have even more motivation to do the exercises! I recommend anyone with jaw problems to try out this app! Karin Dräger, Germany

It is easy to start with Kieferfreund!

Download the app in the Apple Store or Android PlayStore, enter the activation code and start the training programme! You can begin with Kieferfreund right after your order.

You will receive by mail, the logopedic Jaw Trainer for learning the right tongue rest and jaw balance.

The app guides you through the daily trainings with the help of instructions and video tutorials. The app also provides at a glance what progress has already been made and what further steps are necessary.

If you need help, the Kieferfreund team is available via email. If required, a personal online consultation can be booked.

Where to get Kieferfreund?

Contact the Kieferfreund Team

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Founder & Product Marketing

Speech and Language Pathologist, Mental Trainer, Author, Speaker

My vision is to develop and offer natural solutions for tension-related jaw and myofunctional disorders based on scientific evidence and with modern app technology. The basics of Kieferfreund were born in 2012.

I am very grateful to be allowed to help many people with Kieferfreund!

  • Study/College of Speech and Language Pathology in Linz (Austria)
  • Masters in Speech Communication and Rhetoric at University of Regensburg (Germany)
  • Mental Trainer for adults, adolescents and children
  • Working as Speech and Language Pathologist in the field of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Myofunctional Science since 2008
  • Lecturer at the college for speech therapy in Linz (Austria)


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