Tackling jaw tension with app and fascia massage naturally

Jaw tension – to relieve and to release sustainably!

Kieferfreund App, Tongue Trainer, Fascia Roller

The correct tongue posture is crucial to get rid of jaw tension and pain!

Julia Reindl, Kieferfreund Founder, Speech Pathologist & Mental Trainer

Felix Neubauer, Kieferfreund Product Manager & Meditation Trainer

Kieferfreund is a natural solution for tackling jaw tension, teeth grinding and teeth clenching with the Kieferfreund App. Key for a sustainable solution is the correct tongue resting position.

Stress causes jaw tension!

The Kieferfreund app enables you to undertake the training program, without the need for help by professionals. By investing just 30 minutes a day, you will start to experience a new sense of well-being and an improved quality of life.

How to stop teeth grinding? We have created guided videos, animations and checklists that are rich in medical and therapeutic knowledge. Using the app will allow you to carry out the training program whenever and wherever it suits you. You simply train by yourself and then complete the in-app progress tracker. This flexibility and ease of use should allow for an easy integration of the app into your daily life.

The jaw is a sensitive stress sensor, which means that it reacts to stress with tension. In theory – nothing to worry about… However, if continuous stress persists over a long period of time, the jaw/face system becomes overloaded and the first symptoms such as jaw tension/pain or teeth grinding/clenching appear.

Thus, to recover your jaw balance and to keep your jaw healthy, it is important to (re)establish physical balance with the Kieferfreund app, and at the same time listen within and find your balance mentally and emotionally. By far – we have seen this combination yield the best results for people!  We hold regular workshops and live jaw meditation sessions to tackle the mental & emotional causes.

What do you get with Kieferfreund?

Kieferfreund App

The app accompanies you throughout the training program.

The app clearly shows you which progress has already been made and which exercises are still to be performed.

Kieferfreund Roller

Massage tool for relieving fascia tension in the jaw area.

The Roller is needed 5 minutes a day. It is also helpful in case of stress related emergency!

Kieferfreund Trainer

Tool for relaxing the jaw and learning and testing your correct tongue resting position.

The Trainer is needed a few minutes a day. It is not a mouthpiece that has to be worn at night!

Kieferfreund Mental Training

In this way, body and mind are reconciled and long term improvements in jaw tension and teeth grinding can be achieved.

Jaw Tension – I no longer need to wear my night time splint!

After discovering I was grinding my teeth about two years ago, the dentist gave me a splint to wear at night. Within a year I had chewed my way through it!

So he gave me a ‘belt and braces’ version which just made me bite on it more and gave me a seriously painful jaw with limited movement and regular headaches in the mornings. Of course it stopped me damaging my teeth but was irritating the situation not curing it.

So I decided to do some research online and that’s when I discovered Kieferfreund. I have been practicing this for just over a month now and I no longer need to wear my night time splint.

My jaw is much freer in movement and far less painful. Still more work to do but it’s certainly in the right direction. Although the exercises do not take long to do, if I run out of time, I just make sure I do the night time relaxation.

At first I thought I could never overcome this problem, but now I have seen so much improvement that I am not going back!

Vanessa, United Kingdom

Tackling the symptoms of jaw tension!

What’s New? The outstanding benefits of the new Kieferfreund program!

Don’t miss it! Attend our next open office session!

We regularly hold open office sessions to support our customers and give people who are interested in Kieferfreund a look behind the scenes. In the sessions, our community has the chance to ask questions about using the Kieferfreund app and anything related to grinding, clenching and overall jaw health!

Why may jaw tension be causing headaches?

What are our customers saying?

And you get to step out of this painful cycle!

I am very grateful that there are people who are so concerned with this problem that there is now effective help available. No orthopaedist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or alternative practitioner has been able to help me so far (I wonder if they took my problem seriously at all). The pressure of suffering is painful, with daily tensions, headaches, back pain, everyone who’s affected will know this very well – one invests a lot of time and money into every attempt to get help. With Kieferfreund, you notice something changing after just a few days. Immediately after the exercises, I noticed that the muscles of the jaw were “pulling”, often up to the eyes. The exercises in the app are very easy to follow. You only have to take these 20 minutes a day for yourself and integrate the training into your everyday life. To do something good for yourself. After a few days, you already have the first successes, which is such a motivating and happy feeling! Something is finally changing, and you get to step out of this painful cycle. I can only recommend everyone to give it a go. Many thanks to the team at Kieferfreund. You guys are great!

Sabrina, Germany

It has worked wonders!

Great product! I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it has worked wonders! In combination with the app, after a week my jaw pain was significantly reduced and after 2 weeks, no jaw pain and I stopped grinding my teeth. If you suffer from teeth grinding and jaw pain, I highly recommend Kieferfreund!

Lucie, United Kingdom

Always get support when I need it!

When you start to notice some improvements, this gives you a motivating push. After 2 weeks I noticed that my jaw was relaxed almost all the time and my tongue was where it should be. I also think it is great that I can always get support when I need it. Recently I got an update with many new exercises. I now have even more motivation to do the exercises! I recommend anyone with jaw problems to try out this app!

Karin Dräger, Germany

Customer Lucie

About jaw problems and solutions

Customer Catherine

I searched for alternative approaches

Customer Deborah

Kieferfreund works quickly

The Kieferfreund Team

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Speech Pathologist & Mental Trainer

Felix Neubauer, Bsc.

Felix Neubauer, Bsc.

Product Management

Dr. Manfred Reindl

Dr. Manfred Reindl

Strategy & Technology

Evelyn Chines

Evelyn Chines

Customer Care

Relieve jaw tension and pain sustainably!

The physical body is the projection surface for emotional and energetic imbalances. With this in mind, our holistic ‘clock-work’ approach (see below), Kieferfreund will give you the tools to start re-balancing your jaw & emotions that contribute to jaw problems.

The Kieferfreund Clockwork!

The Kieferfreund Clockwork consists of 3 elements:

The Kieferfreund App to (re-)establish the physical jaw balance based on a video guided training program. The Kieferfreund app is mostly focused on physical exercises to re-balance the jaw and orofacial system. There is the focus on learning the correct tongue resting position (key for taking pressure of the masseter mascule & healthy nose breathing vs. mouth breathing) and releasing tension and pain in the jaw (caused by muscles and the fascia of the orofacial system).

The Kieferfreund Deep Dive cog to build-up the mental and emotional balance for a sustainable, healthy jaw. Tools supporting this deep dive are our Live Meditation sessions and our Mindfulness Workshops. The meditations and the workshops focus mostly on emotions/environmental stressors and how to best deal with them. This can be a powerful addition to the physical exercises.

In short: The Kieferfreund app is very helpful for restoring physical disbalances and the Live Meditation sessions & the Insight Timer course go deeper into the emotional root causes.

The Kieferfreund Open Office sessions with Kieferfreund Founder Julia Reindl via Zoom to support our customers and give people who are interested in Kieferfreund a look behind the scenes. You can ask any questions live & in real-time.

Discover daily habits which might cause jaw tension and pain!

I knew I had found something incredibly special!

(Trustpilot Review)

I have had TMJ joint dysfunction for more than 50 years. During Covid it got worse and I felt sick of living with pain. I had corrective surgery in my early 30’s due to problems with my jaw and tongue placement and feared that maybe I would need further corrective surgery if the pain continues. I have never had a day without feeling pain despite doing all kinds of relaxation and wearing a guard on my teeth at night to prevent grinding and clenching.

In desperation I searched online – the multidimensional approach of the Kieferfreund method to jaw problems really impressed me and made sense of what has been a life long problem that probably begun through incorrect tongue placement and mouth breathing. The Kieferfreund team provide excellent guidance and support which helps to navigate doing the exercises and following the approach. I bought the premium package as a New Years treat for 2022.

Within 3 days of using the Kieferfreund app, fascia roller and tongue placement guide and relaxation/ jaw exercises my pain has almost entirely gone away. I have been doing the programme every evening. Kieferfreund has given me such a sense of wellbeing not only as I am now not living with chronic pain but also that I now have some mastery over what I thought was something I just had to put up with for the rest of my life. I used to wake up from sleep feeling like I had gone through World War 3 inside my mouth, with my jaw aching and my face hurting. Now my whole head feels more relaxed on waking, I feel so much more rested from sleep and sleep deeper – the relaxation guide included with the app is wonderful and really works. I am a very happy customer.
I really enjoy doing the movements and find it very relaxing and interesting too. Kieferfreund is a true Jaw Friend – thank you. I would recommend this approach to anyone with jaw pain.

Bronwyn, United Kingdom

The Kieferfreund exercise programme has completely convinced me!

As the exercises do not take up much time, they were perfect for my everyday life. I managed to do the training every evening.

After 3 weeks, I already had first successes and the tensions became noticeably less!

The fascia roller had the greatest effect!
This small, handy roller worked wonders for relieving my jaw tensions!

Day after day, the adhesions decreased, the tissue softened and the roller could be moved “more fluidly” over the areas. The self-massages I had been doing with the roller soon showed their effect – my tensions have now almost completely disappeared!

Even the cracking in the jaw joint is gone most of the time!
As soon as I feel that my tensions are getting worse, I take the roller and massage these spots.

The fascia roller has completely convinced me. I can’t see myself without it! It has found its permanent place in my bathroom so that I can use it again and again. The Kieferfreund app has also become my constant companion. These days I only do the exercises as and when I feel I need them. The mental training still lets me fall into a relaxed sleep almost every day.

Manuela W.

Jaw Tension at the OM-YOGA Show in London!

Great feedback from visitors and our customers…

Please watch what our customer Deborah was saying about her experience using Kieferfreund…

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Jaw tension summary

What is so special about Kieferfreund?

  • Kieferfreund is – as our customers confirm – a sustainable solution for tackling teeth grinding, jaw pain and jaw tensions.
  • Kieferfreund not only relieves the symptoms, but fights the causes. Mouth guards protect the teeth very well, but do not provide a permanent solution against teeth grinding.
  • Kieferfreund is based on Orofacial Myology (also known as myofunctional therapy) which  is the neuromuscular re-education of the oral and facial muscles.
  • Kieferfreund will teach you the correct tongue resting position which is key for tackling the causes for teeth grinding and jaw- related pain
  • Kieferfreund supports you with a logopedic jaw and tongue trainer to help you relax the jaw and tackle teeth grinding and bruxism.
  • Kieferfreund integrates proven yoga practices for the jaw, mouth and face.
  • Kieferfreund assists you with our app-guided training programme.
  • Kieferfreund requires no technical aids, such as splints and mouth guards. Your bed partner will appreciate that!

Relieve jaw tension and pain!

  • Kieferfreund works: addressing the causes of teeth grinding, jaw tension and muscle-related jaw pain and TMJ. Dental and bite splints and painkillers only fight the symptoms.
  • Easy to use: the Kieferfreund app guides you reliably through the daily training program.
  • Quick successes: most of our clients report improvements in jaw pain, teeth grinding and bruxism, and sleep disorders in just two to three weeks.
  • Fewer costs: the costs for Kieferfreund are lower than the ongoing renewals of bite splints and the cost of buying painkillers. Further, the costs arising from prosthesis and dentures (due to teeth grinding and teeth clenching) are considerable.

The Kieferfreund app shows you how to relieve and release jaw tension and teeth grinding. Also, quickly tackle fascia pain with the Kieferfreund Roller.

With the Kieferfreund Roller, fascia in the jaw area can be relaxed and kept healthy.

The effect can usually be felt within a few days. The Kieferfreund Roller is the optimal preparation of the fascia for training with the Kieferfreund app.

When the fascia are warmed up, you will be able to optimize training results.

Contact the Kieferfreund Team

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Kieferfreund Founder


Speech and Language Pathologist, Mental Trainer, Author, Speaker My vision is to develop and offer natural solutions for tension-related jaw and myofunctional disorders based on scientific evidence and with modern app technology. The basics of Kieferfreund were born in 2012. I am very grateful to be allowed to help many people with Kieferfreund!

  • Study/College of Speech and Language Pathology in Linz (Austria)
  • Masters in Speech Communication and Rhetoric at University of Regensburg (Germany)
  • Mental Trainer for adults, adolescents and children
  • Working as Speech and Language Pathologist in the field of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Myofunctional Science since 2008
  • Lecturer at the college for speech therapy in Linz (Austria)


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