Become a ‘Jaw Yoga Instructor’

Training course for instructors and therapists

Jaw Yoga by Kieferfreund combines world-renowned, scientifically-based jaw, face and tongue exercises (myofunctional therapy) with ancient knowledge of health and effective techniques from Mindfulness. By doing so, body and mind are reconciled and long-term results in releasing jaw tension and tackling teeth grinding can be achieved effectively.

Jaw Yoga was developed through years of collaboration with dentists, therapists and movement teachers, and has repeatedly proven its positive effects on health and well-being!

Suffering from jaw tension is a very widespread problem today! 20% of the global population suffer from teeth grinding, tongue thrust, and other symptoms caused by a tense jaw. Feeling stressed out by daily life and an unhealthy posture/tongue function are the main causes of ‘jaw stress’. We need innovative teachers such as yourself, who can directly help people relax their jaw! “ (Julia Reindl, founder of Kieferfreund)

For years, I have experienced the negative effects of clenching my teeth at night and having to wear splints. Since the beginning of January 2018, I have been practicing the Kieferfreund exercises every day. I already felt an improvement after 7 days, and the improvements have endured. I now feel less pain and fewer tensions. I have become more mindful to how my jaw is feeling during the day. (Ladina Grass)

Why should you become a Jaw Yoga Instructor?

  • As mentioned – with Jaw Yoga by Kieferfreund you can offer your clients a scientifically based training that draws on ancient knowledge of health and perfectly complements your teaching!
  • You can combine your own concepts with Jaw Yoga and create something new and totally unique! (it’s always good to stand out from the crowd )
  • The Jaw Yoga training programme can be easily integrated into any workshop, course or teaching (e.g., yoga, pilates, qigong, tai chi, fitness), providing more value for your clients (especially those suffering from jaw related problems).
  • In addition, your clients can continue the Jaw Yoga training programme from the comfort of their home using the Kieferfreund app. The in-app video instructions allow user to effectively continue the training (without having to call you all the time) and our progress trackers keep users motivated to train every day (we don’t like quitters at Kieferfreund )
  • The jaw is connected to the entire body: Therefore relaxing the jaw results in increased flexibility of the entire body!
  • Ancient knowledge and modern science confirm the crucial link between the tongue, jaw and well-being!
  • Jaw Yoga contains efficient techniques to calm the mind and emotions (something many people struggle with these days)!
  • Jaw Yoga is fun and lets you and your clients crack a big smile!

Jaw Yoga is perfect for people who ...

  • often press their teeth/tongue or grind their teeth at night. Jaw Yoga can also be carried out to support dental splints.
  • suffer from jaw tension/pain and want to take self-responsibility to tackle the problem.
  • want to be more agile and develop more mental clarity.
  • often have to ‘bite’ their way through problems and emotions. For people who often feel stuck in everyday life.
  • feel that they deserve a break from everyday life!

8 unique reasons to practise Jaw Yoga:

Jaw Yoga by Kieferfreund has a positive effect on the entire body and mind, as the jaw is closely linked to experiences of everyday life:

  • Jaw Yoga is based on the natural and healthy function of the body and mind!
  • Jaw Yoga contains a science-based training programme that has been used and tested in therapeutic practice for many years.
  • Jaw Yoga promotes relaxation, flexibility and bodily awareness (Mindfulness)
  • Jaw Yoga reduces stress levels, negative emotions and uncontrolled thoughts
  • Special breathing exercises promote better health and performance in everyday life
  • Speech therapy exercises support a strong voice and clear speech
  • Jaw Yoga is a fountain of youth: relaxed facial features and an inner smile, make you more attractive than ever before!
  • Jaw Yoga is fun!

You can now become a ‘Jaw Yoga Instructor'

Let’s bring a smile into the world! As a yoga, pilates or fitness instructor, physiotherapist or movement teacher, you can easily integrate Jaw Yoga into your courses, creating unique value for your clients! You can now start training to become a ‘Jaw Yoga Instructor’ – the only requirement is that you have completed a basic level of education in the fitness or health sector.

You can request more information here (free of charge):

'Jaw Yoga Instructor' Package:

Introduction to the method and laying the foundations (anatomy, physiology, pathology) (individual session via Skype or as a group workshop)

Over 80 Jaw Yoga exercises (all scientifically based) that you can easily integrate into your existing programme/service.

3-week training programme via the Kieferfreund app (approx. 30 minutes daily), including video tutorials and a stimulating training programme (Jaw Yoga Instructor license)

Weekly online coaching (60 minutes) during the training programme

Free app licenses for your customers/students (Instructor Pro package only, otherwise 30% discount)

• Tapping into the Kieferfreund community on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Promotion and advertising in the Kieferfreund partner network

Official Jaw Yoga Instructor certificate when completing the training.

Prices available on request

The Jaw Yoga Instructor qualification and packages include:

  • Scientifically-based background knowledge about the jaw, muscles and various disorders
  • Understanding connections of: the jaw and the body, health and mental well-being
  • Ancient holistic knowledge/wisdom of health and relaxation techniques
  • Learn and do the Jaw Yoga exercises by yourself
  • Tips for integrating Jaw Yoga exercises into your current exercise programme
  • Once you have completed the training, you can help your clients relax their jaw permanently! Restoring balance on a physical, mental and emotional level
  • Professional athletes can use Jaw Yoga by Kieferfreund to have precise control over their movement, improving their flexibility and thus increasing their overall performance.

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Did you know that the jaw is a stress sensor?

The muscles of the jaw are so-called ‘stress muscles’, which means they respond to stress and negative emotions by becoming tense. If this tension persists for a longer period of time, this often results in tensing up of the masticatory (jaw/chewing) muscles and, as a result, teeth grinding, pain, difficulties opening the mouth or cracking noises in the jaw. Jaw Yoga by Kieferfreund contains exercises that are suitable for everyday use in order to relax your masticatory muscles after a stressful situation, thus preventing further jaw problems.

Did you know that the jaw is connected to the entire body through the fascia system?

The fascia system is the information transmitting network of the human body. This system of connective tissue envelops all organs, muscles, bones and nerves of the body. If you chew while standing, your big toe regulates tensions to maintain bodily balance. Incredible, right?

Have your every experienced unexplained pain in a region of your body… let’s say your lower back? This may well have been fascia that are sticking together. This can be very painful! With Jaw Yoga by Kieferfreund you can keep the fibers of the fascia healthy and smooth, thus improving the flexibility and agility of your whole body.

Did you know that an incorrect tongue resting position can lead to tensions in the jaw?

If the tongue is where it should be, the tongue stabilises the jaw so that the muscles of the jaw can relax. However, if it is not in the right place, the masticatory muscles (muscles of the jaw) have to take over the ‘work’ of the tongue and become ‘overworked‘ as a result. With Jaw Yoga by Kieferfreund you will learn a healthy tongue resting position, which you can quickly and easily integrate into your everyday life with our Kieferfreund app (availabe for both iOS and Android).

“In the past 9 years I hardly ever met a patient who had jaw problems and didn’t also have an unhealthy tongue resting position. They often go hand in hand” (Julia Reindl, Speech Therapist)

Start right now with the app!

Please note that Kieferfreund products (App and Trainer) complement therapy and medical treatments and should never be viewed as a replacement of these. We don’t make a diagnosis or promises of a cure.  If in doubt, please consult your doctor or therapist.