Jaw Yoga & Therapy

Jaw dysfunctions, TMD and bruxism benefit from an interdisciplinary approach

Jaw Yoga provides natural retraining and re-education based on Myofunctional Science and Mindfulness principles. Our method permanently restores the balance of the craniomandibular orofacial system, especially the tongue function. We use practical digital tools to achieve permanent results and teach you how to prevent post-training relapses. Importantly, the digitisation of the therapy allows our users to transparently track the progress made during the training.

Our main principles are:

  • Treating root causes rather than only symptoms
  • Holistic approach, which works on the bodily and mental level
  • Awareness of the importance of the tongue for (jaw) health

For doctors and therapists, we also offer special solutions for snoring (‘NoSnore’ package), to support orthodontic treatment (‘Ortho’ package) and for children (5-13 years) with tongue dysfunctions and mouth breathing (‘Junior’ package). For more information please about these versions of our app contact us here: support@kieferfreund.com

‘I work as a freelance Speech Therapist and work with children that have myofunctional disorders. I often witness, how difficult it can be for parents to get their child to carry out the necessary daily exercises. Above all, getting their child to do the exercises correctly! I believe that the Junior app makes life easier for parents and children. It makes it easier to carry out the daily exercises correctly and provides a structured method. It’s great!’ (Petra, Speech and Language Pathologist)

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Natural Re-Education of the Orofacial System

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) is based on the re-education and re-patterning of the oral and facial muscles. Its main goal is to achieve the correct and natural tongue (resting) position. The training also aims to improve breathing, chewing and swallowing – functions which are linked to the tongue (resting) position.

A Long-term Solution with Mindfulness Audio Training and Practices

The Kieferfreund approach combines classic OMT with effective mindfulness practices. Mindfulness is the psychological process of gaining awareness and focusing one’s attention on specific thoughts or actions, e.g. the tongue resting position, tensions or stress. Through a scientifically-based audio training and relaxation programme, the muscle tension in the jaw is positively influenced, and users learn to adopt the correct tongue resting position by focusing on the position of their tongue. Adopting the correct tongue resting position has long-term benefits. Large population-based research studies have indicated that the practice of mindfulness is strongly correlated with greater perceived well-being.

Natural Tongue Resting Position

A key element of the Kieferfreund training is to learn about and adopt the correct positioning of the tongue, lips and jaw. Testing the progress that users achieve is also crucial. This is measured by exercising pressure against the palate with the tongue. Progress is then assessed by drawing on the tactile points. This data is collected manually in our app.

To permanently adopt the correct tongue, lip and jaw resting positions and thereby balancing the craniomandibular-orofacial system, doctors and therapists have traditionally used conventional training tools or no tools at all. These traditional methods are very time-consuming, and initial results are not objectively measurable.

Absence of a transparent system that monitors patients’ progress means that treatment cannot be administered and managed efficiently (especially if specific treatment steps do not work). As a result, most treatments that lack transparency take very long to deliver results and many fail to provide any improvements at all, as often patients do not fully engage or give up on the treatment.

The aim is a digital transformation – the Kieferfreund method provides a structured, motivating, supporting and improved method, which has medical therapeutic expertise at its core.

When opening the app, users can easily view all their achievements made throughout the training as well as the areas that still require work to allow for further progression. Simultaneously, Kieferfreund improves the transparency of the therapy by providing the practitioner with the available data. Kieferfreund therefore supports therapy and is very likely to also improve its success rate.

Who uses Kieferfreund? The applications of Kieferfreund are two-fold. The method will be used by physicians and therapists for treatment, but will also be employed as an online ‘self-help’ programme. When users practice by themselves, the engaging resources in the Kieferfreund app, will guide them throughout the process . Kieferfreund was introduced to the German market in October 2015 and has since then proved its effectiveness and market demand.

Please note: The Kieferfreund trainer and app is currently not classified as a medical product.

Best Practices and Demos:

The Advantages of Kieferfreund for Practitioners

  • Patients are more engaged and motivated during their treatment due to the use of engaging digital media
  • Patients will be supported and guided throughout the treatment by the Kieferfreund App
  • The app supports the automation of the tongue resting position, including a digital progress report
  • Saves time – due to higher transparency during the treatment
  • Best practices based on OMT and scientific research

A summary of the advantages – comparing Kieferfreund to other current technologies:

  • Currently, there are only a few products on the market for learning the correct positioning of tongue, lip and jaw. However, none of these existing products offer a transparent and comprehensible visualisation of the treatment progress.
  • Existing products only aim to correct and teach the correct tongue, lip and jaw position. The monitoring and visualisation of progress and of the treatment’s success are not supported.
  • Most traditional products are designed as ‘support tools’ and have to be worn for several months (6-12). Unlike these products, you only have to use the Kieferfreund trainer for 2-5 minutes a day (over a 21-day period).
  • Users access the Kieferfreund trainer with a smartphone app. Other alternatives on the market do not offer this feature.

Benefits for dentists, orthodontists and ENT’s:

  • Increased motivation of patients due to the use of digital media; your patients will be supported by the Kieferfreund App throughout the treatment
  • The app supports the automation of the tongue resting position, including an electronic ‘achievement report’
  • Saves time due to higher therapy transparency
  • Pain and stress reduction by resolving bruxism permanently
  • Strengthening of the tongue muscles and tongue position, beneficial for snoring therapies
  • Activation of nasal breathing
  • Quicker recovery of normal muscle function after orthognathic surgery
  • Muscular relaxation before and after complex dental treatments
  • Optimised bite registration procedures due to replicable results
  • Relapse prevention following orthodontic treatments
  • Management of the correct tongue position as an alternative to spikes, tongue lattices & arches

Benefits for speech therapists and physiotherapists

  • A quicker and easier way to automate the tongue resting position via interactive training (including Mindfulness audio training and a progress tracker). On average, users experience an automatic adoption of the correct tongue position after 21 days
  • More therapy transparency due to the use of an app
  • Scientifically based training for the tongue, lips and jaw (based on OMT)
  • The Kieferfreund trainer supports independent learning of the correct tongue resting position, increases self-control and improves oral awareness via tactile points.
  • Activates nasal breathing
  • Prepares patients for therapy, particularly useful for patients on a waiting list
  • Perfectly supports speech therapy and physiotherapy measures

How can you work with Kieferfreund?

We want to support and improve your therapy in the best possible way! You can recommend Kieferfreund to your patients and/or order Kieferfreund app licence keys or physical trainers to sell at your practice.

We know that you are busy and we are here to save you time and work. Our app guides patients through the training so that this can be completed by users themselves. Additionally, we support patients by offering weekly online consultation hours.

To provide the best possible support, we also offer regular online consultations exclusively for professionals.

Would like to know more about Kieferfreund?

Contact us und arrange a free specialist consultation with Julia Reindl here: support@kieferfreund.com

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