Online Training on the Causes of Teeth Grinding

What is Kieferfreund?

A training for the muscles of the mouth and jaw. This is achieved with the Kieferfreund app and the Kieferfreund tongue trainer for teeth grinding, teeth clenching and jaw tension.

The uniqueness of Kieferfreund is based on the correct position of the tongue and the natural relaxation of the jaw. These play a decisive role in solving tension-related jaw problems.

Kieferfreund restores the balance in the face and jaw area. Relaxation training ensures the sustainability of our method.

Requires your active assistance for 20-30 minutes daily to do everything comfortably from home.

Our customers expressly recommend Kieferfreund as effective within a short period of time. It eliminates the causes of teeth grinding and muscular jaw pain. Bite splints and pain killers only combat the symptoms and do not tackle the root cause.

Product Manager Felix Neubauer, Bsc

The jaw is a sensitive stress sensor!

I can only recommend everyone to give it a go.

I am very grateful that there are people who are so concerned with this problem that there is now effective help available. No orthopedic, physiotherapist, chiropractor or alternative practitioner has been able to help me so far (I wonder if they took my problem seriously at all). The pressure of suffering is painful, with daily tensions, headaches, back pain, everyone who’s affected will know this very well – one invests a lot of time and money into every attempt to get help.

With Kieferfreund, you notice something changing after just a few days. Immediately after the exercises, I noticed that the muscles of the jaw were “pulling”, often up to the eyes.

The exercises in the app are straightforward to follow. You only have to take these 20 minutes a day for yourself and integrate the training into your everyday life. To do something good for yourself.

After a few days, you already have the first successes, which is such a motivating and happy feeling! Something is finally changing, and you get to step out of this painful cycle.

Many thanks to the team at Kieferfreund.

You guys are great!

Sabrina Rail

Free Online Training!

Learn about: the 3 mistakes to void at ALL costs if you grind/clench your teeth, have TMJ or jaw tensions 


Did you know that many people make the same mistakes with TMJ, teeth grinding or jaw tensions over and over again and therefore never achieve the desired improvements of their symptoms?

If you want to learn about the 3 most common mistakes and would like to know specific strategies to avoid these mistakes, then you have come to the right place!

In the online training (30 minutes) you will be guided by Kieferfreund UK Product Manager Felix Neubauer – he will show you how you can work on your jaw problems in a targeted and independent way.

In the webinar, you will find out what even jaw experts often don’t know! This sustainable, scientifically based method will introduce you to long-lasting positive changes.

Secure your spot!

For the free online training

With Felix Neubauer, Bsc


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