An App Against Teeth Grinding & Clenching And Jaw Tension & Pain

‘Tensions of the jaw present a widespread ailment marking the 21st Century. Our modern lifestyle causes an increasing number of people to suffer from jaw-related problems’ (Julia Reindl, Speech Therapist and Founder of Kieferfreund)

Kieferfreund helps you relax your jaw and as a result let’s you discover a new sense of freedom and joy for life. Free from unwanted pain or tensions in the jaw.

Stress and an unhealthy functioning of the tongue can lead to teeth grinding at night or teeth clenching during the day. With the Kieferfreund app you can fix these symptoms quickly and easily!

How does it work?

By practising ‘Jaw Yoga’ – a scientifically based training programme, that supports you in normalising the way your tongue and jaw function. Jaw Yoga ensures a balanced jaw.

In addition, Mindfulness audio training helps to reduce (subconscious) stress, which can have a positive effect on tensions in the masseter muscle (the ’chewing muscle‘). Simple physical exercises for your body to improve flexibility also support this effect!

Attention: Did you know that the jaw is connected to the entire body? Learn more about the human body’s astonishing fascial system here

Kieferfreund is a scientifically based training Programme, that teaches you how to normalise the function of your tongue and jaw. Kieferfreund ensures that your jaw area is well balanced and healthy. In addition, the Mindfulness audio training helps to reduce (unconscious) stress, which can affect the muscles of the jaw in a positive way. Having relaxed jaw muscles is particularly beneficial when you are chewing food.

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The app is perfect for you if:

  • You grind or clench your teeth
  • You suffer from tension in the jaw or facial area
  • You suffer from Temporomandibular Disorders (pain or tenderness in the muscles/joints of the jaw)
  • You are wearing dental splints (grinding teeth guard or night guard)
  • You have had a dental implant and are at risk of damaging it with teeth grinding
  • You are already working with a physiotherapist or speech therapist – Kieferfreund can support and improve your treatment in many cases
  • You would like to address your teeth grinding without consulting a medical professional
  • You would like to improve your well-being

The app is probably not suited for you if:

  • You are looking for medication for your tooth grinding or jaw related problems
  • You have severe difficulties breathing through your nose i.e. when seated, you are unable to breathe through your nose for 3 minutes or more.
  • Your tongue web (frenulum) is too short to let you reach the roof of your mouth
  • You do not have time for the training
  • You do not have a smart phone or tabletIf you are unsure if this package is right for you, please contact

Advantages of using Kieferfreund:

  • Natural pain and stress reduction without medication
  • Awareness of tensions in the jaw allows you to ease them and prevent tension related ailments
  • Learn how to adopt a relaxed jaw and relax jaw muscles (e.g. the masseter muscle)
  • Ideal support for dental splints or other therapies

Start right now with Kieferfreund!

Take care of your smile

Please note that Kieferfreund products (App and Trainer) complement therapy and medical treatments and should never be viewed as a replacement of these. We don’t make a diagnosis or promises of a cure.  If in doubt, please consult your doctor or therapist.