What do our customers say about Kieferfreund?

Kieferfreund you are awesome beyond words. The training is fantastic, and the jaw roller is absolutely brilliant.

I have suffered excruciating pain, cracking, and immobility in my jaw for over 30 years. Splints have never worked for me; great for realigning top and bottom teeth, but a cause of great agony as soon as you stop wearing it, so never a permanent solution.

From Day 1 with the training app I knew I had found something incredibly special. I was very nervous doing the exercises as I could barely open my mouth, and had never been able to move my jaw more than a couple of mm left to right. Now I can, and I can play my beloved saxophone pain free. It’s just incredible. I’m totally shocked.

I love you guys, thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Amanda Hunt, United Kingdom

Reduces chronic teeth grinding ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s a really great training app and programme to reduce chronic Bruxism that I’ve suffered with since childhood and never found anything to deal with the root cause. I’ve spent a fortune on mouth guards that I chew through or wear out. I recommend getting the roller and tongue trainer devices to work with the app. It’s really good value compared to individual therapy or dental devices. The concept is really simple – train your tongue to rest on the top of your mouth subconsciously and you won’t grind your teeth. You need the discipline to follow the programme daily for a few weeks and use the roller/trainer. The video exercises are clear and easy to follow. The customer support is really responsive too. Highly recommended!

Apple iOS review, United Kingdom

Feeling free from jaw pain after 50 years of suffering!

I have had TMJ joint dysfunction for more than 50 years. During Covid it got worse and I felt sick of living with pain. I had corrective surgery in my early 30’s due to problems with my jaw and tongue placement and feared that maybe I would need further corrective surgery if the pain continues. I have never had a day without feeling pain despite doing all kinds of relaxation and wearing a guard on my teeth at night to prevent grinding and clenching.

In desperation I searched online – the multidimensional approach of the Kieferfreund method to jaw problems really impressed me and made sense of what has been a life long problem that probably begun through incorrect tongue placement and mouth breathing. The Kieferfreund team provide excellent guidance and support which helps to navigate doing the exercises and following the approach. I bought the premium package as a New Years treat for 2022.

Within 3 days of using the Kieferfreund app, fascia roller and tongue placement guide and relaxation/ jaw exercises my pain has almost entirely gone away. I have been doing the programme every evening. Kieferfreund has given me such a sense of wellbeing not only as I am now not living with chronic pain but also that I now have some mastery over what I thought was something I just had to put up with for the rest of my life. I used to wake up from sleep feeling like I had gone through World War 3 inside my mouth, with my jaw aching and my face hurting. Now my whole head feels more relaxed on waking, I feel so much more rested from sleep and sleep deeper – the relaxation guide included with the app is wonderful and really works. I am a very happy customer.
I really enjoy doing the movements and find it very relaxing and interesting too. Kieferfreund is a true Jaw Friend – thank you. I would recommend this approach to anyone with jaw pain.

Bronwyn, United Kingdom (Trustpilot Review)

Terri from Australia: A game changer!

I am incredibly grateful to have found Kieferfreund and their app. I have suffered TMJ for over 20yrs and after a recent reoccurrence of it, I had exhausted every avenue to try and cure my debilitating pain in my jaw. Then I found Kieferfreund! Their app, and the roller device (premium version) was a game changer for me as after 9 days with the combined training and roller, my entire jaw pain was gone! My jaw feels strong and I’m incredibly grateful. I could not recommend this app and company more highly. The service by the team is incredibly efficient, engaging, motivating, and for me this will be a lifelong commitment to myself yo keep up the training so I can continue to have a pain free life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Julia and Felix and the Kieferfreund developers who created this!.

Terri, Australia (Trustpilot Review)

Jenn from Canada: I figured out how to keep my tongue in the proper position, and for the first time in nearly 2 years, I had relief. Without this program, I know I could have gotten myself into a lot of depression, increased anxiety and even more physical pain.


When I found the Kieferfreund program, I was at my very wit’s end, feeling like there was nowhere else to turn.

I had been suffering with daytime bruxism (and severe night clenching) for about a year and a half. Often clenching my jaw all day long, every few seconds. This gave me a headache that lasted for months, that also woke me up at night.

I tried therapy, botox in my masseter muscles ,and months of jaw focused osteopathy without success.

I came across this program about 4 months ago, and after reading some startlingly positive reviews I thought I would give it a try.

I stuck to the 21 day program, with a few bumps at first. But when I contacted Felix and Julia, they were in touch quickly, and with positive reinforcements and encouragement to keep going with the program.

I figured out how to keep my tongue in the proper position, and for the first time in nearly 2 years, I had relief.

Without this program, I know I could have gotten myself into a lot of depression, increased anxiety and even more physical pain.

I have noticed continual improvement since I began. Sometimes I have no clenching symptoms in the daytime for a month straight. And I know now that I am truly on the path to recovery.

If I fall back into old habits, I simply restart the program.

This is my third time doing the program, and if I notice after this that I am restarting to clench I will not wait. I will start the program immediately.

I also recently took one of their workshops, and I learned even more about tongue placement, for one thing, and have now noticed massive improvement in my day to day life.

Also the videos are easy to follow, and do not take too long!

I am eternally  grateful for this program and to Felix and Julia for their hardwork and dedication. They are making lives better, liveable, and wonderful.

I highly recommend this program, and will continue to pass it on to as many people as I can who need it. Thank you Felix and Julia!

Jenn G., Canada

I regularly recommend Kieferfreund to patients with tension-related pain in the jaw area, undefined ear or toothaches and snoring! Sometimes a dental splint does not bring the desired outcome. The interdisciplinary collaboration and the use of this method show significant improvements in symptoms.
Dr. Jasna Sarajlic


I am not a person who normally writes reviews…

I am not a person who normally writes reviews. However, I feel on this occasion I want to share my experience both of the Keiferfreund App and the Kieferfreund Team. I find the app extremely user friendly and the exercises easy to follow. I wouldn’t say all the exercises are easy the first time you try them but the Kieferfreund team explained to me the exercises which I find difficult are usually the ones which I need to persevere with and this has certainly proven true for me. Whenever I have had a question I email the Kieferfreund support team and on each occasion I am always surprised with the speed in which they reply. Personally I couldn’t be happier and my only regret is that I wished I’d found out about Kieferfreund much earlier.

Tania, United Kingdom

Kieferfreund is a wonderful addition to and support for the stress-related symptoms of the joints and muscles of the jaw. I recommend this method to anyone who wants to do something good for their strained and tense muscles. The patience required during the process of change is always worthwhile. I would continue doing the exercises to train the muscles of the mouth, because they feel very good. For me, change also means trying something new. I do not regret it. I have fewer headaches, and my neck feels freer.
Dr. Jutta Ehlers


The Kieferfreund exercise programme has completely convinced me! As the exercises do not take up much time, they were perfect for my everyday life. I managed to do the training every evening.

After 3 weeks, I already had first successes and the tensions became noticeably less!

I regularly listened to the mental training in the evening to fall asleep. It relaxed me and took away my fear of waking up in the morning with a lockjaw.

The fascia roller had the greatest effect! The fascia roller has completely convinced me. I can’t see myself without it!

The Kieferfreund app has also become my constant companion. These days I only do the exercises as and when I feel I need them. The mental training still lets me fall into a relaxed sleep almost every day.

Manuela W., Germany

Kieferfreund is amazing for jaw and teeth health and pain relief

After having teeth and jaw problems for more than 50 years I started using the Kieferfreund programme at the beginning of 2022. I am pretty much without jaw pain now – only get the occasional twinge at work when stressed but I am finding that now disappearing as I am able to relax my jaw straight away on feeling the sensation. Not only that, I feel a new found sense of confidence as was always having problems with the placement of my tongue in my mouth and being a ‘mouth breather’. Since using the Kieferfreund programme those issues have also being addressed. If you have jaw pain or tension, grind your teeth or clench your jaw Kieferfreund provides a long lasting solution. The team at Kieferfreund are so helpful and knowledgeable and they offer excellent support to guide you as you use the programme. I used to wake up feeling a lot of pain in my jaw and skull. Now I wake up pain free and I am sleeping a lot better as not clenching and grinding my teeth in the night.

Bronwyn, UK (Trustpilot review)

The app is amazing and the exercises really do work. It was great to attend the workshop which reinforced the key messages from the daily training!

Andrea, UK (Trustpilot review)

I no longer need to wear my night time splint!

After discovering I was grinding my teeth about two years ago, the dentist gave me a splint to wear at night. Within a year I had chewed my way through it! So he gave me a ‘belt and braces’ version which just made me bite on it more and gave me a seriously painful jaw with limited movement and regular headaches in the mornings. Of course it stopped me damaging my teeth but was irritating the situation not curing it. So I decided to do some research online and that’s when I discovered Kieferfreund. I have been practicing this for just over a month now and I no longer need to wear my night time splint. My jaw is much freer in movement and far less painful. Still more work to do but it’s certainly in the right direction. Although the exercises do not take long to do, if I run out of time, I just make sure I do the night time relaxation. At first I thought I could never overcome this problem, but now I have seen so much improvement that I am not going back!

Vanessa, UK

It works!

I had severe problems with grinding and snoring and was looking for help for a long time. Then I came across Kieferfreund, which sounded very appealing to me because I read that results can be achieved in a short period of time, simply by learning the correct tongue resting position and relaxing the jaw.

I must admit, I was sceptical at first – it sounded too good to be true. Especially, how can I control my tongue when I sleep. Having nothing to lose, I gave it a go.

After 2 weeks, the pain caused by grinding decreased significantly. The little blue wristband that comes in the box was the perfect helper to remind me of where my tongue should be. After experiencing success, I felt encouraged to continue the training.

One morning, about 3 weeks into the training, I woke up with my tongue in the correct position. I was relieved and excited! It really worked! Due to learning the correct tongue resting position, I realised I was even able to tackle my snoring problem.

I’m very pleased with the results. I’m not easily convinced, but this time I have to give 5 stars! Thanks a lot to the Kieferfreund team. 

Tina, UK

I can only recommend everyone to give it a go.

I am very grateful that there are people who are so concerned with this problem that there is now effective help available. No orthopaedist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or alternative practitioner has been able to help me so far (I wonder if they took my problem seriously at all). The pressure of suffering is painful, with daily tensions, headaches, back pain, everyone who’s affected will know this very well – one invests a lot of time and money into every attempt to get help.

With Kieferfreund, you notice something changing after just a few days. Immediately after the exercises, I noticed that the muscles of the jaw were “pulling”, often up to the eyes.

The exercises in the app are very easy to follow. You only have to take these 20 minutes a day for yourself and integrate the training into your everyday life. To do something good for yourself.

After a few days, you already have the first successes, which is such a motivating and happy feeling! Something is finally changing, and you get to step out of this painful cycle.

Many thanks to the team at Kieferfreund.

You guys are great!

Sabrina, Germany

I haven’t completed the 21 day process yet; however, I’m already optimistic that there is a practical solution to teeth grinding. I wish my dentist would have recommended such a solution rather than just telling me to be less stressed. Kieferfreund is a more pragmatic approach!

John, USA (Trustpilot review)

Customer Lucie

How to use Kieferfreund

Customer Catherine

I searched for alternative approaches

Customer Deborah

Kieferfreund works quickly

I work as a freelance Speech Therapist and work with children that have myofunctional disorders. I often witness, how difficult it can be for parents to get their child to carry out the necessary daily exercises. Above all, getting their child to do the exercises correctly! I believe that the Junior app makes life easier for parents and children. It makes it easier to carry out the daily exercises correctly and provides a structured method. It’s great!

Speech and Language Pathologist

For years, I have experienced the negative effects of clenching my teeth at night and having to wear splints. Since the beginning of January 2018, I have been practicing the Kieferfreund exercises every day. I already felt an improvement after 7 days, and the improvements have endured. I now feel less pain and fewer tensions. I have become more mindful to how my jaw is feeling during the day. Thanks to learning the correct tongue resting position, the in-app exercises, and the video instructions, I can now do something about the problem myself. The training is very easy to carry out.  At first, I had to get used to using my mobile phone and headphones in bed (to perform the relaxation exercise) because I did not want to fall asleep… However, by now it has become a pleasant ritual before going to sleep (thanks to airplane mode!). The app is my newly found companion. It is very helpful and useful.

Thank you Kieferfreund team for the effective support. I can highly recommend it  🙂

L.G., Switzerland

I’ve known Kieferfreund since November 2017. That’s a good 3 months now. I can say that even in this short time period, I am doing better than all those years with a night guard/retainer. For about 8 years,  I’ve known that I grind my teeth at night. My dentist made me aware of it. Every year for the next 8 years, I would get a new night guard, because they always broke. Last year, the pain got worse. I was really struggling to cope. As if by chance – I found Kieferfreund. At first, I was skeptical. I was unsure if I should spend my money on it. But then I did it. Very quickly, I noticed improvements. The exercises are simple yet effective. The app is very professional. After the update in January, there are now even more exercises. For those of you who are unsure, I would recommend taking this step! Thanks a lot.
Margit, Germany

Due to having jaw problems and often grinding my teeth, I attended a one-day seminar on jaw problems in May 2017. At the seminar, I was introduced to the Kieferfreund app. It is often the case that we only complete exercises regularly, when we are instructed to do so… so I decided to purchase the app. All you have to do from this point, is to find the motivation to start using the app every day, which has proven to be very easy.

It often only takes 10 minutes of your time.  When you start to notice some improvements, this give you a motivating push. After 2 weeks I noticed that my jaw was relaxed almost all the time and my tongue was where it should be. I also think it is great that I can always get support when I need it. Recently I got an update with many new exercises. I now have even more motivation to do the exercises! I recommend anyone with jaw problems to try out this app!

Karin Dräger

The programme is very nice and appealing overall. The exercises are explained well, and the audio training is very relaxing, which makes it very pleasant to listen to for before falling asleep. Even during the day my jaw was more relaxed and looser than before the treatment. Before starting the programme, I always snored at night, especially when lying on my back. This bothered my girlfriend and other roommates… and I wasn’t aware of the problems it was causing. Now, I mostly breathe through the nose and I no longer have problems with the joints of my jaw or with teeth grinding. Even the difficulties opening my jaw when it is resting, have improved significantly. Unfortunately, the programme has only partially changing my snoring problem. According to my girlfriend, I still snore occasionally when I turn on my back whilst sleeping. However, it is much less than before. I suspect that the cause of my snoring is the anatomy of my nose. Maybe even polyps. Nevertheless, “Kieferfreund” is a very interesting and effective method and I recommended it to people who suffer from different kinds of ‘tensions’. It was intriguing to test this therapy method.
Juri Schroffenegger

I think Kieferfreund is a wonderful addition to traditional speech therapy, both for clients with myofunctional disorders (to automate the correct tongue resting position) as well as those who have recurrent jaw pain with an “unclear cause” and where prior therapies have failed… It is simple, effective and can be used anywhere – for people of all ages! I can certainly recommend the method!
Johanna Beneder

Speech and Language Pathologist

I was allowed to participate in the study of the method, and I became enthusiastic very quickly. I am usually very skeptical about such things, but I was thrilled and I still use it today, when I feel that the stress in my life is impacting on my jaw. It always helps after a few days of use.

Thanks to the mental exercises I was able to fall asleep very well. The exercises were very challenging for my jaw muscles at the beginning, but it got much better, and I no longer have headaches. I am now undertaking CMD treatment at the dentist, and I am on the right track. This means it is a very good programme. The highlight for me is listening to the mental exercises while falling asleep, which I would like to continue to enjoy. Best regards and many thanks.
Harald Widmaier

It always bothered me that I snore very often, I just did not want to realise why it was the case for me. By chance, a friend pointed to her Kieferfreund method and I was immediately excited and found that with me the resting position of the tongue was always wrong. It improved in the first few days thanks to your exercises. The snoring has also improved – I was on annual leave, and my sister was not awakened by my snoring anymore! I will certainly continue with the exercises. The audio mental training is also great before going to sleep. Very pleasant to listen to. Thank you!
Maria Aigner

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