Save Money with Kieferfreund!

Bite splints (night-guards) are very often recommended for teeth grinding. They help protect teeth, but are not very effective in addressing the root causes of teeth grinding. One thing is for sure: there are usually considerable costs associated with bite splints.

We will help you “save money” in a natural way! Kieferfreund is based on a cost-effective approach that manages symptoms and tackles causes.

Kieferfreund, the best investment in jaw health!

Julia Reindl, Founder & Speech Pathologist

Felix Neubauer, Product Manager & Mental Trainer

The uniqueness of our method is based on the correct position of the tongue and the natural relaxation of the jaw. They play a crucial role in solving tension-related jaw problems. Once they are back in balance, you will be too! 

What do our customers tell us?

So grateful for Kieferfreund, I went from extreme jaw pain to mild pain within a week, and two months later, no pain.

I wish my dentist would have recommended such a solution rather than just telling me to be less stressed. Kieferfreund is a more pragmatic approach!

The Kieferfreund program makes sense and has helped me a great deal with the SIMPLE yet so effective exercises and tools. It’s so easy to use and the customer care is outstanding. I only wish I would have found this sooner. I’ve spent so much money and time on splints and night guards. Save money with Kieferfreund!

The team at Kieferfreund are so helpful and knowledgeable and they offer excellent support to guide you as you use the programme.

I am grinding my teeth at night, which creates an expensive dentist bill. Already had 2 splints, they never really fitted.

A very comprehensive program that saves you a good thousand euros in physiotherapy, beauty and dental procedures. Tackles the health condition that (surprisingly) affects many systems – respiratory, locomotive and nervous… Great investment!

Felix Neubauer – Kieferfreund Product Manager