Kieferfreund – Teeth Grinding App and Jaw Relaxation

The Kieferfreund Teeth Grinding App will learn you, how to relax your jaw area permanently.

Natural Solution to stop teeth grinding and bruxism, and to get rid of jaw muscle tensions and orofacial pain.

Kieferfreund Teeth Grinding App

If you are stressed and your tongue and jaw are not functioning the way that it should, this may lead to teeth grinding at night and/or teeth clenching during the day. With the Kieferfreund Teeth Grinding App you will be able to tackle the causes of these problems quickly and effectively. Kieferfreund, which is a scientifically based training programme teaches you how to normalise the function of your tongue and jaw. The Kieferfreund Teeth Grinding App ensures that the functions in your jaw area are well balanced and healthy. In addition, the Mindfulness audio training helps to reduce (unconscious) stress, which can affect the muscles of the jaw in a positive way. Having relaxed jaw muscles is particularly beneficial when you are chewing food. Kieferfreund is a leading product in the bruxism app market.

Our Customers Love the Bruxism App

For years, I have experienced the negative effects of clenching my teeth at night and having to wear splints. Since the beginning of January 2018, I have been practicing the Kieferfreund exercises every day. I already felt an improvement after 7 days, and the improvements have endured. I now feel less pain and fewer tensions. I have become more mindful to how my jaw is feeling during the day. Thanks to learning the correct tongue resting position, the in-app exercises, and the video instructions, I can now do something about the problem myself. The training is very easy to carry out.  At first, I had to get used to using my mobile phone and headphones in bed (to perform the relaxation exercise) because I did not want to fall asleep… However, by now it has become a pleasant ritual before going to sleep (thanks to airplane mode!). The app is my newly found companion. It is very helpful and useful.

Thank you Kieferfreund team for the effective support. I can highly recommend it  ?

Ladina Grass

The Teeth Grinding App is perfect for you if

  • You grind or clench your teeth
  • You suffer from tension in the jaw or facial area
  • You suffer from Temporomandibular Disorders (pain or tenderness in the muscles/joints of the jaw)
  • You are wearing dental splints (grinding teeth guard or night guard)
  • You have had a dental implant and are at risk of damaging it with teeth grinding
  • You are already working with a physiotherapist or speech therapist – Kieferfreund can support and improve your treatment in many cases
  • You would like to address your disorder with a teeth grinding app without consulting a medical professional
  • You would like to improve your well-being

Advantages of using the Kieferfreund Teeth Grinding App

  • Natural pain and stress reduction without medication
  • Awareness of tensions in the jaw allows you to ease them and prevent tension related ailments
  • Learn how to adopt a relaxed jaw and relax jaw muscles (e.g. the masseter muscle) with a bruxism app
  • Ideal support for dental splints or other therapies

Jaw Relaxation made easy with Kieferfreund!

Due to jaw problems and crunching, I attended a one-day seminar on jaw problems in May 2017. At the seminar Kieferfreund was recommended. Knowing that you only do exercises regularly when instructed, I decided to purchase the app. All you have to do, is to start the Kieferfreund app every day and do the exercises following the training plan, which is not difficult at all. Often it takes only 10 minutes, apart from the mindfulness audio training. When you notice that something changes, it motivates you again. After 2 weeks I noticed that the jaw was almost relaxed and the tongue had found its right position. Well, I also made the experience that you always get help and support from the Kieferfreund Team if help is needed. Recently I got an update with many new exercises, so I restarted the exercise cycle. This motivates you again. I can only advise everybody with jaw problems to try this bruxism app!

Karin Draeger

Please note that Kieferfreund products (App and Trainer) complement therapy and medical treatments and should never be viewed as a replacement of these. We don’t make a diagnosis or promises of a cure.  If in doubt, please consult your doctor or therapist.