Roll away teeth grinding and jaw pain with the Kieferfreund fascia roller!

Julia Burits, M.A.

Julia Burits, M.A.

Kieferfreund Founder, Speech Pathologist & Mental Trainer

If you grind your teeth at night, you may often have pain and tension in your jaw in the morning.

Who’s to blame? The fascia! The fascia network of connective tissue reacts to the nightly stress and strains.

I know that jaw problems and teeth grinding can have a substantial impact on quality of life. The stress caused by these problems usually intensifies the symptoms, which is a vicious circle.

Kieferfreund supports you with an app guided training programme,  a fascia roller, individual email support and personal consultation as well.

Why might hardened and stuck-together fascia in the jaw be a serious problem?

Did you know that it is usually stress and unhealthy fascia that cause painful sensations in jaw?
Felix Neubauer, Kieferfreund Product Manager


Kieferfreund is a science-based solution for relaxing the jaw, mouth muscles and fascia with the Kieferfreund app and the Kieferfreund roller (fascia training) for teeth grinding, teeth clenching, jaw cracking and other various forms of jaw tension.

In addition, a special mindfulness audio training designed for the jaw helps relieve stress, supports mental relaxation, facilitates sustainable results, and ensures success with Kieferfreund.

App and fascia roller for quick jaw pain relief!

The fascia roller had the greatest effect!


The Kieferfreund exercise programme has completely convinced me! As the exercises do not take up much time, they were perfect for my everyday life. I managed to do the training every evening.

After 3 weeks, I already had first successes and the tensions became noticeably less!

I regularly listened to the mental training in the evening to fall asleep. It relaxed me and took away my fear of waking up in the morning with a lockjaw.

The fascia roller had the greatest effect!

This small, handy roller worked wonders for relieving my jaw tensions! I use it once a day, usually in the evening before going to bed. With slow rolling movements, I massaged my muscles, just like Julia showed me.

In the beginning, the roller literally “jerked” over the cheek muscle; there were small hardenings, real “knots” to feel, which I had not noticed before!

Day after day, the adhesions decreased, the tissue softened and the roller could be moved “more fluidly” over the areas.

The self-massages I had been doing with the roller soon showed their effect – my tensions have now almost completely disappeared!

Even the cracking in the jaw joint is gone most of the time!

As soon as I feel that my tensions are getting worse, I take the roller and massage these spots.

…And another great benefit: the fascia roller makes the skin on my face softer, smoother and rosy!

The fascia roller has completely convinced me. I can’t see myself without it!

It has found its permanent place in my bathroom so that I can use it again and again.

The Kieferfreund app has also become my constant companion. These days I only do the exercises as and when I feel I need them. The mental training still lets me fall into a relaxed sleep almost every day.

Manuela W.

Roll away your jaw problems with the Kieferfreund Roller!

Fascial training with the Kieferfreund Roller brings quick relief and is a proven first aid tool that fits in every trouser pocket or handbag.

The Kieferfreund Roller is a very effective tool. With the roller, fascia in the jaw area can be relaxed and become healthy again. Usually, results are felt quickly – right after the start of the training programme.

Kieferfreund requires your active attention for 20-30 minutes a day. All exercises can be done comfortably from your home.

No more bite splints and pain killers!

Many people are affected by jaw tension, teeth grinding, teeth clenching and TMJ. More than 20% of all people suffer from the consequences of jaw tension and jaw pain in various forms.

The first step is often to take painkillers or to protect your teeth with a bite splint/mouth guard. A short-term solution can often be achieved with this.

Long-term solutions, however, require more:

  1. Physical relaxation and stretching, especially of the jaw and mouth area.
  2. Mental relaxation to address stress triggers.
  3. A healthy tongue resting position to create a balanced orofacial system.

Kieferfreund supports you both in relieving/releasing symptoms, such as muscle-related jaw pain, and in tackling the root-cause.

Jaw massage, mindfulness training and strengthening the tongue play a central role here.

What are our customers saying?

I knew I had found something incredibly special!

Kieferfreund you are awesome beyond words. The training is fantastic, and the jaw roller is absolutely brilliant.

I have suffered excruciating pain, cracking, and immobility in my jaw for over 30 years. Splints have never worked for me; great for realigning top and bottom teeth, but a cause of great agony as soon as you stop wearing it, so never a permanent solution.

From Day 1 with the training app I knew I had found something incredibly special. I was very nervous doing the exercises as I could barely open my mouth, and had never been able to move my jaw more than a couple of mm left to right.

Now I can, and I can play my beloved saxophone pain free. It’s just incredible. I’m totally shocked.

I love you guys, thank you!

Amanda Hunt, United Kingdom

I no longer need to wear my night time splint!


After discovering I was grinding my teeth about two years ago, the dentist gave me a splint to wear at night. Within a year I had chewed my way through it!

So he gave me a ‘belt and braces’ version which just made me bite on it more and gave me a seriously painful jaw with limited movement and regular headaches in the mornings. Of course it stopped me damaging my teeth but was irritating the situation not curing it.

So I decided to do some research online and that’s when I discovered Kieferfreund. I have been practicing this for just over a month now and I no longer need to wear my night time splint. My jaw is much freer in movement and far less painful. Still more work to do but it’s certainly in the right direction.

Although the exercises do not take long to do, if I run out of time, I just make sure I do the night time relaxation. At first I thought I could never overcome this problem, but now I have seen so much improvement that I am not going back!

Vanessa J.

What do you get with Kieferfreund?

Kieferfreund App

The app accompanies you throughout the training program. The app clearly shows you which progress has already been made and which exercises are still to be performed.

Kieferfreund Roller

Massage tool for relieving fascia tension in the jaw area.

The Roller is needed 5 minutes a day. It is also helpful in case of stress related emergency!

Kieferfreund Mind Training

Kieferfreund Mindfulness

In this way, body and mind are reconciled and long term improvements in jaw tension and teeth grinding can be achieved. Mindfulness is the psychological process of gaining awareness and focusing one’s attention on specific thoughts or actions, e.g. the tongue resting position, tensions or stress.

Contact the Kieferfreund Team

Julia Burits, M.A.

Julia Burits, M.A.

ieferfreund Founder, Speech Pathologist & Mental Trainer

Speech and Language Pathologist, Mental Trainer, Author, Speaker My vision is to develop and offer natural solutions for tension-related jaw and myofunctional disorders based on scientific evidence and with modern app technology. The basics of Kieferfreund were born in 2012. I am very grateful to be allowed to help many people with Kieferfreund!

  • Study/College of Speech and Language Pathology in Linz (Austria)
  • Masters in Speech Communication and Rhetoric at University of Regensburg (Germany)
  • Mental Trainer for adults, adolescents and children
  • Working as Speech and Language Pathologist in the field of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Myofunctional Science since 2008
  • Lecturer at the college for speech therapy in Linz (Austria)


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