It’s crucial that the tongue does not go back to its original place after the tongue-tie release!


The tongue must not heal back into its original place after a tongue-tie release
Julia Reindl, Speech Language Pathologist

Why treat a tight/too short lingual frenulum?

When the tongue is physically attached to the floor of the mouth, it affects speech and swallowing, and might lead to tensions in the jaw, neck and shoulder area.

A tongue-tie is a piece of tissue under the tongue that connects it to the floor of the mouth. It is called the lingual frenulum – everyone has one. In some people, it’s tighter than it should be, and this is where the problem comes in.

If surgery is needed, it is crucial to perform a series of orofacial exercises before and after the procedure. Without exercises, the tongue will move back to its original place.

Professional logopedic guidance after the tongue-tie release!

If people discover they have orofacial disorders due to a tight frenulum, a simple surgical procedure with a tongue-tie release can help.

To ensure a successful procedure, it must be prevented that the tongue moves back to its former place. Orofacial exercises for the muscles of the tongue and mouth are extremely helpul in preventing this from happening.

Julia Reindl, M. A., speech and language pathologist has focused on orofacial craniomandibular dysfunctions for more than 10 years. She will support you before, during and after a tongue-tie release with a logopedic training programme.

In close cooperation with dentists and orthodontists, Julia has methodically structured and standardised her many years of expertise, and has now made her proven approach available in the Kieferfreund app.

The Kieferfreund app includes a scientifically-based training programme with exercises that support you if you suffer from a tight frenulum and this is to be cut in a small surgical intervention.

Two variants of the app are available on the market

  • Kieferfreund Frenulum for children from 5 year
  • Kieferfreund Frenulum for adults


An effective solution with the Kieferfreund App!

How to use the Kieferfreund App for Tongue Tie?

Our 3-Phase Model

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Kieferfreund Tongue Tie does not aim to replace professional tongue tie release treatments provided by dentists. Kieferfreund Tongue Tie supports dentistry treatments with effective logopedic exercises and best practices to ensure that the tongue does not go back to its original place after a tongue tie release. Before starting with the Kieferfreund training programme, please consult your dentist.

Kieferfreund Tongue Tie is offered as an add-on to the classic Kieferfreund product. Please visit our shop and select a Kieferfreund product. When ordering, please leave us a message that you would like the Kieferfreund Tongue Tie add-on (at no additional cost).

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