Kieferfreund Trainer optimises your tongue resting position!

The uniqueness of Kieferfreund is based on the correct position of the tongue and the natural relaxation of the jaw. They play a crucial role in solving tension-related jaw problems.








A healthy tongue resting position with the Kieferfreund trainer

The tongue plays a key role in  balancing the orofacial system (mouth, jaw and face) and therefore is also linked to the causes and treatments of teeth grinding, jaw- related pain, snoring and other dysfunctionalities.

The Kieferfreund trainer was developed by Julia Reindl in collaboration with dental and medical experts and has been tested in a therapeutic setting over many years. As opposed to other trainers or dental splints, you only have to use the Kieferfreund trainer for 2 minutes a day. The trainer helps you to learn and test the correct tongue resting position and works very well to support our NoGrind, NoSnore and Ortho packages. The trainer is very user-friendly and can be used almost anywhere – e.g. on a business trip, on holiday, when staying at a friend’s place or simply at home.

Worldwide, the ‘Kieferfreund Trainer’ presents the only tool that was specifically developed to allow for learning and testing of the correct tongue resting position. You will be able to learn about the healthy tongue resting position via bio-feedback by using the tactile points on the trainer.
The Kieferfreund trainer is made up of:  A ‘tongue part‘, which has 3 tactile points, a vestibule shield and a handle to securely hold the trainer.

As the tactile points allow you to establish whether your tongue is in the correct resting position, they ensure that you are doing the training correctly. Training daily will allow the muscles of your tongue to get stronger, which will also make it easier to adopt the correct tongue resting position.

Is the Kieferfreund trainer used in therapy?

A growing number of speech therapists and physiotherapists are using the Kieferfreund trainer as a useful tool to support the therapy of their patients. Follow this link to find out more.



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