Our Vision and Mission!

The Jaw is a Sensitive Stress Sensor!

20% of all people suffer from jaw tensions, teeth grinding and teeth pressing. It’s time for a natural and effective solution. 

Kieferfreund’s vision is built on three pillars:

  • The uniqueness of Kieferfreund is based on the correct resting position of the tongue. This is essential for resolving tension-related jaw problems.
  • With the help of the Kieferfreund App and the Jaw Trainer you will learn the correct resting position of the tongue and the relaxation of the jaw.
  • Your active help is needed for a permanent solution.

More than 20% of all people are suffering from jaw tensions and jaw pain in various forms, such as teeth grinding and teeth pressing.

Kieferfreund offers specialized products and solutions to address jaw and myofunctional disorders. Our goal is not only to eliminate the symptoms, but to fix the root-cause and to achieve a lasting solution. Our products and services are easy to use and promise quick success.

Our solutions follow a holistic, natural training program with the help of therapeutic tools. We are offering solutions based on scientific approaches, principles and methods. All our Kieferfreund products are benefiting from our scientific based approach, which combines dental science, myofunctional science, speech therapy and techniques of mental therapy and yoga.

Kieferfreund uses modern technologies with the Kieferfreund App and the therapeutic Kieferfreund Trainer. Most of our products are designed and developed as “Do-it-yourself” products and can be used from home.

Kieferfreund is supporting the interaction between body and mind, the assumption of self-responsibility for one’s own well-being and the role of the jaw as the hub for a healthy life.

Kieferfreund requires your active help. We are accompanying you with the Kieferfreund App, our email support and with individual coaching when needed.

The interdisciplinary Kieferfreund team comes from the fields of speech therapy, orthodontics, mental training and Industry 4.0. Kieferfreund is a registered trademark of Belive Concepts GmbH (Linz/Austria).

Kieferfreund Team

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Julia Reindl, M.A.

Founder & Product Marketing

Speech and Language Pathologist, Mental Trainer, Author, Speaker

My vision is to develop and offer natural solutions for tension-related jaw and myofunctional disorders based on scientific evidence and with modern app technology. The basics of Kieferfreund were born in 2012.

I am very grateful to be allowed to help many people with Kieferfreund!

  • Study/College of Speech and Language Pathology in Linz (Austria)
  • Masters in Speech Communication and Rhetoric at University of Regensburg (Germany)
  • Mental Trainer for adults, adolescents and children
  • Working as Speech and Language Pathologist in the field of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Myofunctional Science since 2008
  • Lecturer at the college for speech therapy in Linz (Austria)

Contact: julia.burits@kieferfreund.com

Dr. Manfred Reindl

Dr. Manfred Reindl

Managing Director & Strategic Alliances

‘Digitization is a trend, but often a big challenge if technology is to be used meaningfully for our lives. Digitization plays an essential role in Kieferfreund’s value proposition, as it should provide a clear benefit to our customers. With the digital transformation of medical/therapeutic expertise and the automation of training processes, therapy concepts are standardized and are made easier to understand for our customers. Thus, our customers are able to apply the Kieferfreund training program at any time, anywhere and independently. This also results in a significant benefit for economies, especially in terms of efficiency and cost reduction of health services.’

  • Co-Founder of Kieferfreund, accountable for product strategy & strategic alliances
  • Executive Manager with more than 20 years of experience of managing start-ups and medium-sized international companies in the IT sector and industry/wellness/medical market
  • Familiar with the processes involved in the development of innovations to market-ready products, and the establishment of strategic business alliances
  • Experience of successful implementations of M&As
  • Development and marketing of cutting-edge wellness and medical products with the use of modern technologies
  • Experience with the digital transformation of medical and therapeutic expertise
  • PhD. in Business Economics and MSc in Computer Science

Contact: manfred.reindl@kieferfreund.com

Felix Neubauer, Bsc.

Felix Neubauer, Bsc.

Product Management UK

‘I joined the Kieferfreund team in August 2017. I was very intrigued by the Kieferfreund method from the moment I was first introduced to it. Working closely with Kieferfreund over the past 4 years, I have seen that the method can change people’s lives in a natural, engaging and sustainable way. I have been practicing, researching and teaching Mindfulness for many years and I also believe we should aim to find ways to use digital tools to solve key day to day problems. Kieferfreund does just that. It is truly amazing that we can now tackle a problem such as teeth grinding or snoring by simply using an app.’

I was born in Germany and currently live in Oxford, UK.

  • BSc in Sociology, University of Southampton, England
  • Meditation Teacher & Jaw Yoga Instructor 
  • Worked for University of Oxford, England
  • Author of the book ‘My Happiness Button by Felix New’
  • Fully bilingual (German and English)
  • Consultant 
  • Deeply involved in content creation for Kieferfreund 
  • Runs the weekly live jaw meditations for Kieferfreund

Contact: felix.neubauer@kieferfreund.com

Evelyn Chines

Evelyn Chines

Customer Care Management

‘What most impresses me about Kieferfreund are the quick and intense results that can be achieve. It is my guess that these are mostly due to the simplicty of applying the method and the straightforward concept behind the product. Being part of the Kieferfreund team is very fulfilling because the method provides an effective way to treat jaw problems.’

  • Training as an office clerk at HLW St. Pölten (Austria)
  • Graphic training at Vienna Art School (Austria)
  • Foreign languages ​​English and Italian

Kontakt: evelyn.chines@kieferfreund.com

We are always up-to-date regarding the newest advances in science, technology and research:

  • Member of the ‚Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences‘ (AAMS)
  • Member of the ‘Logopädenverband Oberösterreich’ association (Association of Speech Therapists Upper-Austria)
  • Member of the ‘Österreichische Gesellschaft für Schlafmedizin (ÖGSM)‘ (Austrian Association for sleep medicine)
  • Member of the medical technology cluster of the Upper-Austrian business agency (Business Upper

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