Workshop: Jaw Yoga & Movement Connection Flow

21. Januar 2023

Friday 21.01 @5-6pm UK time   

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After our popular movement workshop that so many of you came to and loved  - we are doing it again!

The jaw is connected to the entire body! Maybe you are familiar with neck and shoulder tension, back problems or pelvic misalignments...

These issues manifesting in the body are closely related to the jaw. In this workshop we practice jaw yoga sequences together, which bring the jaw back into balance. Full-body, simple movements, which shake off the stress from your body. The flowing, spring-like movements also relax the fascia, which is often the cause of tension and pain.

Relaxing your jaw, reducing stress, experiencing lightness and well-being in the body, these are the goals of this special workshop! You will need a yoga mat, a small mirror, a laptop with camera or smartphone/tablet & one hour for yourself. The workshop will take place via Zoom. I looking forward to connecting with you and having a great time together!

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All the best, Julia

Saturday 21.01 at 17:00-18:00 UK time

Easy & effective exercises for the body & jaw!

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